Holder - CH50


Holder (Spare Part)


Replacement holder for PED4 CH(50,60,61), PED4 GRAND CH(50,60,61), PED4 Planet CH(50,60,61), PED4 Mount CH(50,60,61), PED4 Coil CH(50,60,61) or PED4 Planet BH50

Proudly made in Connecticut, USA from alloy, polymer and heat resistant polymer materials.


  • 3 slide adjusting Alloy Fingers (with soft vinyl covers to protect iPhone)
  • 2 slide adjusting Guides (keeps iPhone straight in holder)
  • Color:  Black


  • iPhone SE with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • iPod touch 6g, 5g with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover
  • Works with large cases like OtterBox Defender, Commuter, and many more - see dimensions below
  • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G and Original, iPod touch 4g, 3g, 2g and 1g  *if in a case that is within the dimensions below
  • Other devices that fit the dimensions below
    • Width: From 2.15" to 2.75"
    • Height: From 4.65" to 5.3"
    • Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)
Belt clip should be removed to work with holder
PED4 series and PED3 series products are not interchangeable with one another


  • CH50 Adjustable Holder Assembly
  • 5/64" Wrench (torque limiting)
  • 3/32" Wrench (for pivot tension-not shown)
  • D-Shaped Fixture Plate
Base, Stand, iPhone, Case are not included
PED4 is a Trademark of Thought Out Company
Availability: Usually ship within 24 hours
Gift Wrapping: Available
Warranty Information: Consumer 1 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 30 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
USB 6 Foot Extension Cable
Devil Head


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