4 New USA iPad Air & iPad mini Stands & Tripod Mount

Posted by Thought Out Company on 26th Jan 2014

The Entire Product Family, Now Complete for iPad Air

January 23, 2014

Today we announce the release of the iPad Air version of the full pivoting PED4 Planet stand, this now completes the full line in this great product family. Sharing the same great features, yet having larger and more substantial materials, the PED4 Planet IPA10 comes to the family today. With characteristics of the iPad mini stand, this new iPad Air stand has a thicker and wider base. A larger supported 5/16" diameter and taller 6" stainless steel ball shaft to accommodate the iPad Air. The iPad Air holder itself follows the same form and function from the PED4 Planet series, giving the user the ability to easily place a bare, cased, or skinned iPad Air into the holder. And there is ONE MORE THING… it can be easily disassembled and used as a tripod mount on your tripod!

4 New USA Made iPad Air & iPad mini Stands & Tripod Mount

PED4 Coil IPA10 - iPad Air Flexible Pivoting Stand

iPad Air Flexible Stand

Gooseneck & Pivoting
PED4 Coil IPA10

PED4 Planet IPA10 - iPad Air Pivoting Stand

iPad Air Stand

Pivoting & Tripod Mount
PED4 Planet IPA10PED4 IPA10 - iPad Air Pivoting Tripod Mount

iPad Air Pivoting Tripod Mount


 PED4 IPM10 - iPad mini Pivoting Tripod Mount

iPad mini Pivoting Tripod Mount