iPad Sleeves Handcrafted in the USA

iPad Sleeves Handcrafted in the USA

Posted by Thought Out Company on 13th Sep 2017

So, you've taken great care in purchasing your beloved iPad - it brings such a level of convenience to your daily living that it comes just about everywhere with you; to the office, to class, to meetings, to the coffee shop, to your kids sporting events, and while traveling.

How are you protecting and carrying around your iPad while on the go and traveling?  We have a stylish solution that also protects your beloved friend.  

Today we are excited to announce our newest product, the iPad sleeve.

Why you need an iPad Sleeve!

  • Protects against nicks and scratches
  • Secures the iPad in place while on the go
  • Extra compartments for necessities like an iPhone, note pads, pens, pencils, Apple pencil
  • Classy custom fit while reflecting your style
  • New style releases for change in seasons and holidays

iPad Sleeve - Bee Inspired

iPad Sleeve - Modern Man

iPad Sleeve - Shabby Soft