Product Release - Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand

Product Release - Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand

Posted by Thought Out USA on 27th Jul 2011

Stabile PRO iPad Pro StandiPad Stand Desk - Stabile PRO

Stabile PRO iPad Pro Desk Stand has every great feature of the original Stabile but with added features. The freedom the user wants from a solid steel 3/4" ball allowing motion left to right and front to back. At one inch taller than the original Stabile, the Stabile PRO allows the user even more room.

At 2.5 times the weight of an iPad, with an extremely low and user focused center of gravity, the Stabile PRO has the stability that others will not duplicate. For your daily use this iPad stand has Thought Out characteristics like split back cable management, anti slip and non-skid feet and quality protective padding where your iPad rest. Use without or with a case or skin in portrait or landscape, and look cool doing it.

Please see our Stabile PRO Video to full appreciate the benefits of this new product.