Product Release - PED4 Mount CH50 iPhone Mount

30th Aug 2013

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 Mount CH50 iPhone mount

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iPhone Custom Mount

Thought Out Company announces today, a major change to consumers expectations of what an iPhone mount should be. Using the first asymmetrical double balled stainless steel curved shaft the PED4 Mount CH50 creates a natural feel and flow with a mounted iPhone. Please see the video on the webpage showing the mount in use.

The superior quality of this product will be first noticed with the unique design, all machined parts and the vast array of mounting options. Mounting options that include but are not limited to, car, boat, wall, refrigerator, dashboard, windshield, helm, desktop, virtually any where.

Included in the basic package is the 3 lobed mount which starts the rigidity of solid mounting.

PED4 Mount CH50 available now for $49.99 from our website at:

AdPad 300 iPhone Adhesive Pad MountBracket 90 iPhone 90 degree Bracket Mount

Also available today, two additional mounting options, AdPad300 and Bracket 90. The 3 lobed mount is attached to the AdPad 300, a large 3” diameter mounting base surface that generates 80 pounds of holding power. The Bracket 90 is available for those who need an extra 90 degrees of mounting with their installation. Both of these options are available now for $14.99

Made in the USA