5 Back-To-School Tech Needs

5 Back-To-School Tech Needs

Posted by Thought Out Company on 12th Aug 2016

Back to School is quickly approaching. Do you know what that means for our kids? Homework, research, stricter schedules, and some well deserved play time on their iPhone and/or iPad.

Having a solid ergonomically correct stand for their device makes life much easier when doing homework, playing, or watching a movie. Check out these five iPhone & iPad stand ideas.

1. Stabile-PRO Pivoting iPad Stand

2.  Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand

3. Simplex Tablet iPad Stand

4.  PED4-GRAND iPhone Stand - iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6siPhone SE

5.  PED4-PLANET iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount - iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6siPhone SE