iPad Pro 12.9 (3g) & 11 Stands that work with Apple Pencil

Apple releases new iPad Pro models for 2018 that include the revised 12.9 inch 3g (3rd generation) and the new iPad Pro 11 inch.  Included with those latest additions is the new magnetically attaching Apple Pencil 2 that not only charges in either position, it also attaches to many places on our 3 solid steel iPad stands.  The pivoting Stabile Pro, stationary Stabile 2.0 and the entry level Simplex make for a convenient storage location with their steel core.  When you don't need the Pencil 2, using the magnet to steel holding power, simply place the Pencil 2 against the side of the stand.  Again, setting these quality steel made stands apart, light weight aluminum stands cannot do that. 

iPad Pro 12.9 3g - Stabile Pro Stand

iPad Pro 11 - Stabile 2.0 StandiPad 9.7 - Simplex Stand