iPad Pro POS Stands For 10.5 And 2nd Generation 12.9

New iPads come with new sizes and configurations. Our stands and most importantly our iPad POS Stand, the secure display, anti-theft, EnCloz has been updated to accommodate new iPads with our traditional custom fit that we offer. The latest release from Apple of the new iPad Pro 10.5 is a completely new size that we in turn created a completely new enclosure for a secure fit, with full use of all port and controls. The second new thing from Apple, in this arena, is the 2nd generation iPad Pro 12.9. While, for the most part, the 12.9 model is nearly the same as the 1st generation (dimensionally); Apple decided to upgrade the rear camera lens and flash with a new location on the device, so we followed suit to accommodate this upgrade. The iPad POS security enclosures, stands, and mounts are shipping today.