Product Release - PED4 EnCloz - iPad POS Stand Enclosure

Product Release - PED4 EnCloz - iPad POS Stand Enclosure

Posted by Thought Out Company on 2nd Oct 2013

PED4 EnCloz - iPad POS Mount Enclosure

Thought Out Company announces, another first in the industry with dual pivot points, the PED4 EnCloz Mount. This POS display enclosure for the iPad is the first to include not one, but two steel ball pivot joints that allow articulating motion to find your perfect position from cashier to customer, or for extra ordinary display purposes of the iPad. While great for point of sale, the enclosure is also perfect for general display purposes like museums, trade shows, and other events.

Starting with PED4 EnCloz IP20 base model, having basic tamper resistant security and features that allow protected access to all control and ports, custom versions of the enclosure are available such as access for any credit card reader like iDynamo, Square, PayPal, etc.

For the ease of setup and installation, existing optional mounting hardware are also available that include the Bracket 90 and AdPad 300. The Bracket 90 is a 90˚ solid aluminum custom bracket, and the AdPad 300 is a 3" adhesive mount that produces well more than secure holding power.

Made in USA

Available today