Quality Product Conditions at a Lower Price

Quality Product Conditions at a Lower Price

Posted by Thought Out Company on 27th Jun 2014

What sets us apart from all iPhone and iPad stand, mount and holder creators is the fact that we design, make, assemble, and sell directly to you, all from under one roof in Monroe, Connecticut, USA. Not only does this allow us to produce jobs in the USA, it also allows us to achieve the highest quality product at a moderate cost. 

We are now implementing another aspect to our business, bringing the same great products at a lower price point to you. With all of our processes under one roof, we can bring products that do not meet the initial "New" condition through another inspection, and fulfill them as "Recondition", "Used Very Good" or " Used Good" condition.  All are packaged within the same packaging (including instructions) as a "New" condition product is packaged. This allows you to purchase many of our products from 10% to 50% off while keeping the same 1 or 2 year warranty, depending on the product.

Starting today, any product with other "conditions" available for inventory will be posted on the same product page for purchase at a reduced price.

Here are some direct links that have some for starters:

Stabile 2.0 - iPad Air & iPad StandStabile PRO - iPad Air & iPad Pivoting StandPED4 Planet IPM10 - iPad mini Stand PivotingIPHONE 6S/6 PLUS TRIPOD MOUNT - PED4 CH61