You Got This!

You Got This!

Posted by Thought Out Company on 23rd Mar 2020

This is a remarkable and historical time we’re all experiencing. So much is being asked of us during this time. The changes forced upon us have affected our daily living and our focus on how we protect ourselves and our communities.

We have a unique opportunity to be reflective, helpful and choose how we conduct ourselves as we move through each day and shift how we work together as individuals, families, colleagues and members of our communities.

I’m here to encourage and offer insight on things we can do independently and as a family while we continue living our daily lives. Staying calm will allow us to make informed and wise decisions with each day as it presents itself.

I also want to share that Thought Out Company is open, our daily operations are fully functioning with orders being shipped as normal. We’ve made internal alternations for the safety of our employees, our customers and the community we operate within, as a whole.

We have implemented procedures to ensure the safety of our employees and consumers. All employees are washing their hands frequently, including before handling consumer orders. All employees have been advised to stay home if they’re sick, to date no-one has been sick. Disinfecting and daily cleaning is of the utmost importance at Thought Out Company as we progress through COVID-19.

10 Things to do that will help your outlook and health

  1. Reading: Reading improves your mind and body. It strengthens your brain, improves your memory and empathy, makes you feel better and more positive. Research has shown that reading can reduce stress by 68% - WOW, we could all benefit from some reading right now! Find some literature that speaks to you or dig out that dusty book that you’ve been meaning to start and get going!
  2. Play Games: It brings us together as friends and families. We grow closer together when we choose to directly engage with one another, which improves our health and outlook on life.
  3. Cooking: With eating out not being as easy as usual, now is the time to try that new recipe or pull out that dusty cookbook and find a recipe that you and your family will enjoy trying. Cooking at home is one of the best ways to improve your health and budget. If you’re open to having others help, then have them help. The direct engagement and act of accomplishing something together improves the relationship and thus our overall healthy state of mind. For me, the kitchen is my zone, so my heart is happy with preparing and presenting food to my family while engaging with them on the other side of the kitchen island. Do what speaks to your heart and makes you and your family happy.
  4. Exercise: Take a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood, the fresh air and movement improves your health and helps to reset your thinking.
  5. Gardening: This is another act that reduces stress and improves overall health. Cultivating the living greenery around your homes will give you a sense of accomplishment, self-reliance, improved sleep and you’ll also reap the benefits of beautiful greenery around your home or the delicious home-grown vegetables you’ve curated. Getting your hands dirty and being creative with the beauty you’ve invested your time with through nurturing, also improves self-confidence and joy from the beauty you take in with your eyes.
  6. Creative Projects: Pull out a project that’s been sitting around or start a new project that speaks to you. Use your time to create something that’s beautiful and showcases who you are as an individual. Here’s an example: With having easy access to camera’s being built into our phone’s, we have the convenience of easily taking images of ourselves, our families, our pets, our homes and the community around us. It can be a time to be intentional about documenting history as it’s unfolding right before our eyes. Take images that speak to you and document the significance of the image ie: date, location, and special memory associated with the image.
  7. Journaling: This can be a documentation of your viewpoint of what’s transpiring. Journaling is cathartic and thus reduces stress, anxiety and depression through releasing a plethora of emotions we face on any given day, especially in times of angst of the unknown.
  8. Make a photo album: Curate images of special functions, trips and ordinary everyday images that speak to you and your family and make a photo album. This can be accomplished digitally and then having the finalized album shipped to you or have the images printed and you then place them into an album.
  9. Purge: Clean up stuff that’s been stacking up and causing clutter in your home. From my own experience, I feel overjoyed, empowered and refreshed when things are organized and you will too!
  10. Reassess your Budget: In times like this, it’s beneficial to take a look at your budget to assess where temporary changes can be made to meet your budget. We’re all experiencing hardship and loss and having to make adjustments. I’d like to encourage you to do this without fear surrounding the task, we are incredible human beings with the ability to do and accomplish amazing things. It’s innate in our make-up to survive and this is one way to help, by making temporary changes.

I’m dedicated to the safety of my family, our employees, customers and community as we progress through this season of time. I encourage you to be alert and active with safety and perserverance in mind and to also set your focus on things you can make a difference in doing or thinking about versus the things you can not control. We all, at Thought Out Company, value our customers and extend our hearts and prayers as we move forward.

Brandi Talmadge
Vice President
Thought Out Company, LLC