Thought Out Company

Creation, Innovation, and Superior USA Manufactured Products

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We are a first generation, family operated business, founded in New England in 2004.  The business has grown expedientially with its facility located in Monroe CT.

Thought Out Company is a motivated company that believes in creating and manufacturing superior products in the USA and believes innovation never ends.  We design and manufacture products and accessories to meet any growing technological demand.

Beginning with the PED (formerly iPed), our goal was to create an iPod stand that you could proudly display on your desk, which was inspired by the most desirable portable electronics.  As the portable electronic industry evolved, so to have we, with our creative product lines for your electronic device.  While not limited to the design cues of Apple products, Thought Out Company products reflect the innovation, beauty, and allure in much the same way.  Style and function are always at the forefront.  Our simplistic, yet elegant products are designed with a specific goal in mind, leaving no detail too small for any customer.

With only American design, materials, and labor, all of the products are proudly produced within the United States, while maintaining a competitive edge.  For today and the future, we are here to design the best, highest-rated products in a competitive industry.

Have a question - Please let us know via our contact page, unlike many online web-stores today, we have real people receiving and replying to your inquiry.

Thought Out [thawt-out]:  {definition}
1.  Produced by or showing the results of much thought
2.  A carefully thought-out design