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iPad POS Stand - EnCloz Steel Stand

EnCloz is a quality, made in USA, secure POS iPad stand (point-of-sale). Made with a steel base, these commercial grade stands are custom fit for your iPad size with full access for card readers and all ports. Rotate and or flip, for complete customer signature interaction. Great for many different application like, coffee shops, restaurants, retail, trade shows, hotels, churches, KIOSKs and more! 

How an iPad Stand Makes Cooking Easy In Your Kitchen

Ever get frustrated with your iPad laying on the kitchen counter top while trying to use it to access a recipe, while preparing a meal for your family?

WELL . . . We have a solution to prevent our beloved iPad's from becoming greasy and splattered. Watch this quick video showing how clean and easy your cooking life can be with one of our elite iPad stands.

You'll be cooking circles around Julia Child with your new iPad stand arsenal!

Want The Recipe?

Click here for the BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza on a Wrap recipe

How Do I Get an Elite iPad Stand?

Visit us for the complete line of commercial grade kitchen iPad stand at https://thoughtout.biz and Amazon

iPad Stand SimplexiPad Stand Stabile 2.0iPad Stand Stabile PRO

Simplex Voted Best iPad Tablet Stand 2016

iLounge names Simplex as one of the Best iPad Tablet Stands in 2016.  Boasting one of the key features of the Simplex, it's simple modern design makes tech life uncomplicated for the iPad Tablet user.  Simply place your device into the stand (portrait or landscape) and proceed with using without concern of the stand tipping over.

With its modern design appeal and steel construction - the competitive $29.99 price tag is a great price for users looking for an attractive solidly made in the USA iPad Tablet stand with a solid 5-star rating by its users.

Laptop stand for external monitor use

Many laptop users carry their devices while on the go, but while at home or work they use them in the external monitor configuration setup. This configuration allows for use of a full size monitor, keyboard and mouse which makes working within your space much more efficient.

This is where the Simplex comes in, we heard from our users that they love using the Simplex to lift their laptops off their table or desk allowing for a lot more work space. Many users were found tucking, the now named Simplex laptop stand off to the side or corner of their desk allowing much more work space. With a little investigation, we agree that it works wonderfully!

You can have a high quality, industrial commercial grade laptop stand that also works with any iPad or tablet.

Stabile PRO now with iPad mini version

Our customers are truly the best and we're thankful for the feedback you provide!

With your request, we’ve added an optional new size holder to our flagship Stabile PRO iPad stand now for the smaller iPad mini and other smaller tablets.

This new holder is 1 inch narrower and shorter to properly accommodate the iPad mini size and other smaller tablets that are 5 inches on their smaller side. With this new optional iPad mini holder, the Stabile PRO still uses the exact same solid steel, artistically designed, stable base that exceeds any other competitors stand.

During checkout simply select the iPad mini version.

Simplex earns the coveted "Highly recommended rating" by iLounge

iLounge Highly Recommended Rating

The Simplex Tablet iPad Stand earns the "Highly recommended rating" by iLounge, with a their alpha rating system  giving the Simplex a final rating of A-.  A justified rating for a remarkably useful, simplistic approach to housing your iPad, tablet, or other device at a reasonable price of $29.99.

With its steel and timeless design, the Simplex will fulfill your ever-changing tech needs today and tomorrow.  

5 Back-To-School Tech Needs

Back to School is quickly approaching. Do you know what that means for our kids? Homework, research, stricter schedules, and some well deserved play time on their iPhone and/or iPad.

Having a solid ergonomically correct stand for their device makes life much easier when doing homework, playing, or watching a movie. Check out these five iPhone & iPad stand ideas.

1. Stabile-PRO Pivoting iPad Stand

2.  Stabile 2.0 iPad Stand

3. Simplex Tablet iPad Stand

4.  PED4-GRAND iPhone Stand - iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6siPhone SE

5.  PED4-PLANET iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount - iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6siPhone SE

Professionals Love Simplex Tablet iPad Stand

Simplex Tablet iPad stand receives exceptional review by Jeff Richardson at iPhone j.D.

The Simplex Tablet iPad stand will not disappoint with it's attention to high quality materials, stability, and perfected fixed viewing angle.  There are no compromises with this entry level tablet iPad stand at a moderate price of $29.99.  While not raising the tablet as high as our other Elite Series, the Simplex does achieve a modest 1.38" elevation to your tablet.  As with all of our other products, the Simplex also offers cable management.

iPhone iPad Stand Rotate

Easily mount your iPhone or iPad in a stand that rotates and tilts to any position. Great for watching movies, web surfing, or any wide format viewing in landscape position. thoughtout.biz

Compare the Best iPad Stands & Tablet Stands

Compare the best iPad Stands

Discover the differences and similarities of our three best iPad stands and tablet stands. 

Starting with similarities, all three stands are very stable, all made from USA steel of different thicknesses as required by their design, and height to achieve proper stability. They all are oven baked with a powder coating durable finish. With one other notable feature for your USB charge cable, there are convenient management slots. Each stand allows portrait or landscape positioning of the tablet

The Simplex tablet iPad stand is made from .090" thick steel and elevates the tablet 1.38 inches. This height allows plenty of room for the charge cable. The viewing angle position is fixed at a proven tested ergonomic 55 degrees. The Simplex is a great starter tablet stand.

The Stabile 2.0 tablet iPad stand features the floating design, giving you the 3.63 inches of elevation with a levitation design, providing a high quality look and feel. This quality can only be achieved with .120" thick formed steel that provides the 2.25 pounds of stability.

The flagship product, the Stabile PRO tablet iPad stand is the tallest, heaviest, and the most stable tablet stand. The biggest feature of this tablet stand is the adjustable stainless steel ball pivot that provides you with any viewing angle desired. The 3.16 pounds of weight comes from the extremely thick .179 inch steel, providing the 5.50 inches of tablet height, it is incredibly stable. One last little thing, the Stabile PRO allows an optional Grapple S4 strap system for a bit more security to the tablet, strapping the device into the stand, while not necessary some might like the option.