Product Release - MagStay MS-01 Power Connection Lock for MagSafe 2

10th May 2013

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces MagStay MS-01 Power Connection Lock for MagSafe 2  
Connecticut USA - May 10, 2013

MagStay MS-01

MagSafe 2 Power Connection Lock

The MagStayTM MS-01 aids the connection of your MagSafe 2 from unintentional disconnections on your Macbook PRO. Magsafe 2 works wonderfully disconnecting under most circumstances, as it is supposed to. However, while your using MacBook PRO as a laptop, undesired disconnections occur. MagStay will keep your MagSafe connected without false positive disconnections while in your lap.

 MagStay MS-01 Open ScreenMagStay MS-01 Closed Screen

More details, photos can be found on the product page:


Price & Availability

MagStay MS-01 ships now for $19.99 (includes free shipping) Available now from