Product Release - PED4 Coil IPM10 iPad mini Stand Flexible Gooseneck & Pivoting

6th Aug 2013

PED4 Coil IPM10 iPad mini Flexible Stand

Press Release - Connecticut USA - Aug 6, 2013

Thought Out Company announces today an addition to the growing PED4 family series of product, the PED4 Coil IPM10  flexible stand for iPad mini.

Like no other, the very strong 5/8" diameter, 54" long steel coil far exceeds the users immediate expectation with superior strength, allowing many users to use the coil in endless places. The gripping ability of the holder allows the user to instantly place their iPad mini securely in the stand while also allowing unprecedented freedom of full roll, yaw and pitch, and this is all done with or without the users case or skin.

The steel coil design has been borrowed from its big brother the full size iPad Stabile Coil PRO, and with new PED4 ball socket technology that allows 180 degrees on all three axis of movement, the user is provided with even more freedom. The coil can be formed in any position wether it is for a desk, kitchen, hanging around the shop, or wrapped around a pole, the uses are endless.

The user is required to do a one time holder setup (but anytime re-adjustable) to their iPad mini with any case they may have now or in the future or a bare iPad mini as well. Once holder setup is complete the simple use of the holder is a living hinge design, meaning the iPad can securely and easily go in and out of the holder instantly with no tools. This feature allows the product to be used even upside down, and daily with no aggravation or consequences for using a case.

Made in the USA

Thought Out Company has this new PED4 Coil IPM10 available now for $99.99 from our website at:

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