Product Release - PED4 Planet and Devil Head Headphone Wrap and Wrench

17th Jan 2013

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces two great new products, both with dual purposes.
Connecticut USA - January 16, 2013


PED4 Planet BH50PED4 Tripod Mounting

PED4 Planet - Steel Ball Pivoting Stand for iPhone 5

The PED4 Planet BH50 is the first fully pivoting, adjustable and portable iPhone 5 stand that is easy to use and is more than just one stand, it includes the ability to be separated from the Planet Base, and then the holder and pivoting ball shaft can be mounted to any tripod.

Great for photography, self-portraits and videography!

The premium quality, adjustability and portability of this iPhone 5 stand will be noticed the moment you place it on your desk and then used every day. While texting hands free, reading an email or FaceTiming you will quickly see that the sleek shape of the Planet Base takes up very little space and can be placed in any corner of your work space or counter top. We guarantee you will use and miss it when you don't have it around.

The pre-loaded holder is efficient to use, yet securely holds the iPhone 5 as your hand would. All of the controls, ports and camera are fully accessible at all times.

Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and Wrench

Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and Wrench

A multipurpose engineered device that wraps those messy headphones and allows you to store anywhere. End the tangled mess with your headphones with the Devil Head technology featuring non-catching and secure earbud placement with a smooth wire-wrapped profile allowing easy access to pockets for carrying. Includes a Devil Head Stand to neatly store the Devil Head upright on your desktop when not in use.
The second use is for the PED4 Series Ball Shaft disassembly and assembly using the built in 11/16" wrench.

Price & Availability

PED4 Planet BH50 ships for $49.99 (includes free shipping)

Devil Head ships for $11.99 (includes free shipping)

Reduced when purchased together - both products ship for $57.98 (includes free shipping)