Product Release - PED4 Planet CH50 for Cased and Skinned iPhone

2nd May 2013

THOUGHT OUT COMPANY Announces PED4 Planet CH50 for Cased and Skinned iPhone 
Connecticut USA - May 1, 2013


iPhone Stand

PED4 Planet CH50 - Steel Ball Pivoting Stand for Cased and Skinned iPhone

The PED4 Planet CH50 is the first fully pivoting, adjustable and portable iPhone stand. With or without a case or skin you can configure the sliding fingers to fit your iPhone. Using a solid steel ball and shaft you can orientate the stand into any position you like. The center balanced Planet Base ensures a firm and lifted footing while using little desk space and providing users a direct view of their iPhone. 

More details, photos and a video can be found on the product page: 

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