Adhesive Pad 300


Replacement Pad

For AdPad 300

Proudly made in Connecticut, USA from, 3M materials.


  • 3M VHB, 3 inch round non-residue adhesive pad, 80 pounds of holding strength


  • 3" Adhesive Pad (ADPAD-300-1)


  • Click here to download (Coming soon)

AdPad™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company

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All You Might Hope For

It probably seems like a completely insignificant matter, the gluing of one object to another; and to make matters worse, the world is filled with countless products sold specifically for the purpose of mounting an object to the inside surface of a vehicle's windshield. But where thousands of others have tried and failed, the Adhesive Pad 300 succeeds admirably. If you read and follow the user instructions that accompany this product, you will discover as I did that the PED4 mount is able to withstand any reasonable amount of effort to dislodge it from wherever you have mounted it using the Adhesive Pad 300. And yet, if you err in positioning the mount as I did the first time I went through the process, you will also find that the mount, and more importantly the Adhesive Pad 300, can be removed - albeit with some difficulty. But it is nice to find, in a world filled with products that fail to live up to their billing, that you can occasionally come across a product that fulfills your every expectation. The Adhesive Pad 300 is just such a product.
Posted by havanakids, 4th Jan 2015