AdPad-300-Kit Instructions

AdPad is an aggressive double sided adhesive pad developed to obtain quick and easy installations onto many materials, including todays low energy surfaces, like the slick surfaces (polypropylene, polyethylene, silicone and teflon based, etc) found within car panels and dashboards. AdPad continues to work on traditional materials like glass, metal, wood, painted surfaces etc. Porous surfaces like wood, fiberboard, etc. must be sealed for AdPad to properly adhere to it.


1.) Find the location you want to place the base, the preferred location should be as flat as possible, this will allow the most contact to the adhesive pad and give you the most strength.  

2.) Clean your desired location with household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol).

3.) Warm mounting area and the adhesive pad to a minimum of 70˚F. (Tip: We like to use a household hair dryer and really heat the items up, this will give you the best strength from the adhesive pad.)

4.)  Remove the protective skin from one side of the adhesive pad and center place it on the larger flat side of the base. Then on the remaining protective skin side, firmly massage the pad with your thumbs to stimulate the resin onto the base.  

5.) Remove the final protective skin and carefully align to your chosen location, then firmly press around all areas of the base to finalize the adhesion process. 

6.) Proceed with your next mounting device using the #8 fast turn screws that were supplied with that device

After 30 minutes at 70˚F the adhesion will be at 50% strength, 24 hours to reach full strength.

Removal: Should you decide to remove the AdPad, carefully and slowly pry with a small flat tool, not to mar any surface. The removal area should be left clean, not showing any residue. In the unlikely event residue is left over and difficult to remove, simply use a glue remover or mineral oil.

The AdPad-300-Kit is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request.


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