Devil Head - Earbud Wrap and Wrench


Earbud Headphone Wrap and Wrench

A multipurpose engineered device that wraps those messy earbuds and allows you to store anywhere.  End the tangled mess with your headphones with the Devil Head technology featuring non-catching and secure earbud placement with a smooth wire-wrapped profile allowing easy access to pockets for carrying.  The second use is for the PED4 Series Ball Shaft disassembly and assembly using the built in 11/16" wrench.  Includes a Devil Head Stand to neatly store the Devil Head upright on your desktop when not in use.

The Devil Head is designed to be used with Thought Out Company products as indicated.


  • Non-catching and secure earbud placement
  • Smooth wire-wrapped profile
  • Devil Head Stand (included)
  • 11/16" open end wrench (for use with PED4 Series Ball Shaft)
  • Material: Polymer UV stabilized
  • Color:  Matte Black
  • Weight:  .6 oz
  • Height:  2.75"
  • Width:  1.75"
  • Depth:  .25"
  • Made in the USA


  • Works with all Apple earbuds and more
PED4, iPhone, and earbuds not included

Devil Head™ and PED4™ are trademarks of Thought Out Company

Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer Part Number: DH0687


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Great Gadget

As the company names indicates, this is a well thought out product. Needed somewhere to store my headset while flying. Thanks guys!
Posted by William Pearson, 24th Apr 2017

Nice way to keep your headphones organized

Works pretty slick. I was constantly trying to untangle my headphones from my pocket, no matter how neatly i put them in there to begin with. This product takes all the fuss out of it. Well done!
Posted by Ned, 9th Mar 2016

Wish I'd thoguht about this one :D

The Devil Head - Headphone Wrap is small, lightweight and works with any set of headphones. I added some double stick tape to the stand and now I have a spot to put my headphones when I come home. By wrapping the headphones after use and storing them in my pocket or carry bag it saves them from being tangled and damaged. Great product!
Posted by Fran, 11th Feb 2015


Me encantó!! Habría sido mucho mejor si fuese de metal, pero aún así es una maravilla. Google Translate: I loved it! It would have been much better if it was metal, but it's still great.
Posted by Christian Ovando, 9th Aug 2013

Love it!!

The Devil Head Wrap and Wrench is a really neat product. I love that I can wrap my headphones around it for an easy find at the bottom of my purse. I know that when I wrap my headphones around this I won't have to worry about them getting tangled up with everything else in my purse. Pulling on the headphones to get them untangled can cause damage to my headphones so I am very thankful for the Devil Head- Headphone wrap and Wrench. I also like that I can tighten my Ipod holder into the stand giving me confidence that it is securely connected. It truly is a must have product! Thanks, AGAIN, Thought Out!
Posted by Edith, 1st May 2013