Grapple S4 - Strap System


Grapple S4

Grapple your iPad Pro, Air or iPad Original in portrait or landscape, without or with case

Now made with unbreakable Kydex material (03/17/17)

The Grapple S4 is an optional accessory that straps the device into a Stabile PRO or Stabile Coil PRO.  Not compatible with Stabile 2.0

  • Quickly attaches with one of four provided straps of stretchable rubber for portrait or landscape use
  • The Grapple S4 hook has scratch resistant vinyl prongs, allowing camera view and microphone access  
  • Works with Stabile PRO or Stabile Coil PRO*
  • iPad Pro 12.9 - 10.5, iPad 9.7, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g and more, with or without any case or skin
  • Grapple Hook S4
  • Extra Long Strap (6" long will stretch about 1-3/4” typically used for iPad Pro in portrait)
  • Long Strap (3-1/2" long will stretch about 1” typically used for iPad and iPad Air in portrait, iPad Pro in landscape)
  • Medium Strap (1-3/4” long will stretch about 5/8” typically used for iPad in lanscape) 
  • Short Strap (1-1/4” long will stretch about 1/2” typically used for iPad Air in lanscape)

*Stand, holder, iPad, case & keyboard not included

Grapple S4™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company

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Had to modify to secure iPad Pro 12.9 adequately, but 5 stars after mods

for a 12.9 inch iPad with a standard ultra-thin case and cover, this grapple did not hold it securely out of the box. Using a heat gun, I bent the grapple hooks to be more angled and now it holds the iPad securely even when the iPad is perpendicular to the floor and shaken with a little force. The quality plastics etc were essential to the product being able to be modified in this way. the cables that accompany the grapple are simple but effective and easy to use. I've only been using it two weeks but I've enjoyed having the grapple on my device and it has been essential to how I use the Stabile Pro stand I purchased. Would give it 4 stars but not being able to secure my iPad when the stand is given a few shakes right out of the box just does not meet my standards. Fortunately it was a fairly easy fix and now that it's been modified I would give it 5 stars. Reply from Thought Out Company: Thank you Mike for taking the time to write this review and the review on the Stabile PRO product too. We know with the many conversation with you that you have an atypical use with these products. We are glad you were able to find a solution that works for you with your modifications.
Posted by Mike, 26th Feb 2019

Grapple S4 Strap

Bought this so when the kids are playing games on my iPad mini it doesn’t fall off ! Easy to use ! Very happy with purchase.
Posted by Helen Creahan, 23rd Apr 2018

Must have with iPad Stand

When used with the stand, the iPad can not be knocked out of the stand which is invaluable. No worries about accidentally bumping it. The stand itself is supper stable but this is just added protection.
Posted by George, 6th Feb 2018

Very good product

Nice helpful person on phone, very easy yo order,no muss no fuss
Posted by Pamela , 26th Dec 2015


Works well however does interfere with my Smart Cover which I have to take off and on not a big issue as I like the added security
Posted by Karl Bergmann, 23rd Nov 2015