Enclosure for EnCloz Instructions


Remove & set aside the 6 screws* on the backside of the EnCloz holder with the 5/64”** wrench, and remove your iPad.


Lay the stand down on its’ back. Then remove & set aside the four Philips head screws from around the center set screw with a standard Phillips Head screwdriver (you will need these again later). Then remove the backside panel of the EnCloz holder from the base of the stand.


Using the 5/64” wrench, remove the 6 screws on the backside of the EnCloz holder.

Place the new back panel onto the stand using the 4 Philips head screws you removed & set aside earlier.

Using the 3/32” wrench, adjust the center friction screw until the panel holds in position but yet can freely move. Do not over-tighten or try to lock the adjustment screw, as damage may occur.

Proceed with placing the iPad into the new enclosure based on the instructions for your EnCloz model (see list below). In doing so, please pay attention to both front and rear camera locations, ensuring the orientation is correct with the cut-outs on the enclosure panels.  


 EnCloz Security Stand

 EnCloz Security Mount

 EnCloz Security Floor Stand

 EnCloz Security Microphone Stand Mount


* Never store screws in face plate without the back plate

** Potential failure may result by not properly using the supplied torque limiting wrench and/or by over-tightening.  The torque limiting wrench must be used with your fingers only.

Enclosure for EnCloz is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request


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