EnCloz X Instructions


Remove two screws* on the back of the EnCloz X holder with the supplied torque limiting 5/64” wrench** and remove two corner locks.  Place iPad into the remaining two corner locks with the proper orientation with the camera and reinstall the 2 corner locks and 2 screws.


BALL SOCKET - Friction Screw Adjustment:

The design of the ball socket is intended to be able to move relatively freely with little to some effort, it is NOT possible to LOCK the ball socket using the friction adjustment screw and should not be attempted.


Overtime you may experience the ball socket does not have the holding power it had when it was new.  If this occurs, with the iPad removed from the EnCloz X holder use the supplied 3/32" wrench, in the center hole, turn the recessed screw clockwise until the desired holding power is achieved

* Never store screws in face plate without the back plate

** Potential failure may result by not properly using the supplied torque limiting wrench and/or by over-tightening.  The torque limiting wrench must be used with your fingers only.

The EnCloz is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request


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