iPad Stand Stabile 2.0 Tablet Holder


iPad Stand Tablet Holder - The Original

iPad Pro 12.9 (including new 2018 3g), 11, 10.5, 9.7 -  iPad 9.7 (2018 - 6g) - iPad Air 2/1 - iPad 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g - Other tablets

Conveniently use and charge with Apple Pencil 2 in any position.  Also, with a sturdy steel stand the Pencil 2 can be magnetically stored on the stand for storage!  This is not possible on light weight aluminum stands.

High quality that all others try to beat.  Search reviews for yourself and find out!  Ergonomic height with a fixed angle, an industrial style, commercial grade, retail holder or simply for your desk or counter. USA made from solid steel with an artistic shape. Sturdy and heavy at 2.3 pounds.

More Details     Works with all cases.

stabile-pro-100-200.jpg  simplex-100-200.jpg

Availability: In Stock
Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: STABILE
Warranty Information: Consumer 2 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Compatibility: iPad Pro 12.9/11/10.5/9.7, iPad 9.7 (2018 - 6g), iPad Air 2/1, iPad 5g/4g/3g/2g/1g, Galaxy, Surface & Other tablets
Works with a case: Yes
Weight for stability: 2.25 Pounds
Ergonomic lifted height: 3.63"
Tilt: No - Fixed at 55˚
Rotate: No
Base Material: Steel .120"
USB 6 Foot Extension Cable


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iPad Stand Stabile 2.0 Tablet Holder

Excellent product and craftsmanship. The product arrived as advertised. Very pleased with this company. Great stand that is study and built to last. Good weight and not too easy to tip over. A very satisfied customer.
Posted by G Kranske, 12th Jan 2018

I Pad Stand

I just love My I Pad Stand. I will recommend this product to all My friends. I am sure They will love it as much as I do.
Posted by Marilyn, 22nd Dec 2017


Very well made, sturdy, and nice to look at. I originally bought one for my office and loved it so much I had to buy one for home and gifts!
Posted by Robyn, 5th Dec 2017

Built like a Tank

This product is built like a tank. It is heavy enough that you are not going to easily knock it over by accident. The quality of the materials makes this worth the price. This is built in such a way that I think it will be something I could hand down to the next generation (it will last longer than me).
Posted by Mark, 23rd Oct 2017

IPAD stand

The IPAD stand I recently purchased is very durable, never moves and is great to use with a key pad. I would recommend it to anyone.
Posted by Raquel Almestica, 18th Oct 2017

Exactly What I Had In Mind

Love this. It's exactly what I had in mind. Perfect (and stable!) for my new iPad Pro.
Posted by Cindy L, 27th Jun 2017


it does the job but when your checking out people for a business its hard to turn it towards the client to sign and check out...
Posted by sarah , 15th May 2017

Much needed Product

This is the second Stabile iPad Stand Tablet Holder I purchased. I own a 1st generation one. The 2nd gen has improved the protective pads on this version. Still I love them both, they can't be beaten in quality and weight. Needed to keep your expensive iPad from falling over. Thanks guys!
Posted by William Pearson, 24th Apr 2017

Makes I Pad Pro so easy to use

Very sturdy easy to use stand. So far the best stand , at a reasonable price, that is Made in America, that I have found. Also glad I found Thought out web site
Posted by Judith E Reines, 6th Feb 2017