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iPad Stand Stabile 2.0 Tablet Holder

Stabile by Thought Out
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Consumer 2 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect Commercial 90 Day Limit…


Consumer 2 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect


Compatibility, Works with a case, Weight for stability, Ergonomic lifted height, Tilt, Rotate, Base Material,


iPad 10.9 (10g), iPad 10.2 (9g - 7g), iPad Air 5g (4g - 1g), iPad Pro 12.9 6g (5g - 1g), iPad Pro 11 4g (3g - 1g), iPad 9.7 6g (5g - 2g), iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5, Galaxy, Surface & Other Tablets
Works with a case:
Weight for stability:
2.25 Pounds
Ergonomic lifted height:
No - Fixed at 55˚
Base Material:
Steel .120"

69 Reviews

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  • Marilyn - 22nd Dec 2017

    I Pad Stand

    I just love My I Pad Stand. I will recommend this product to all My friends. I am sure They will love it as much as I do.

  • Robyn - 5th Dec 2017


    Very well made, sturdy, and nice to look at. I originally bought one for my office and loved it so much I had to buy one for home and gifts!

69 Reviews

  • Marilyn - 22nd Dec 2017

    I Pad Stand

    I just love My I Pad Stand. I will recommend this product to all My friends. I am sure They will love it as much as I do.

  • Robyn - 5th Dec 2017


    Very well made, sturdy, and nice to look at. I originally bought one for my office and loved it so much I had to buy one for home and gifts!

  • Mark - 23rd Oct 2017

    Built like a Tank

    This product is built like a tank. It is heavy enough that you are not going to easily knock it over by accident. The quality of the materials makes this worth the price. This is built in such a way that I think it will be something I could hand down to the next generation (it will last longer than me).

  • Raquel Almestica - 18th Oct 2017

    IPAD stand

    The IPAD stand I recently purchased is very durable, never moves and is great to use with a key pad. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Cindy L - 27th Jun 2017

    Exactly What I Had In Mind

    Love this. It's exactly what I had in mind. Perfect (and stable!) for my new iPad Pro.

  • sarah - 15th May 2017


    it does the job but when your checking out people for a business its hard to turn it towards the client to sign and check out...

  • William Pearson - 24th Apr 2017

    Much needed Product

    This is the second Stabile iPad Stand Tablet Holder I purchased. I own a 1st generation one. The 2nd gen has improved the protective pads on this version. Still I love them both, they can't be beaten in quality and weight. Needed to keep your expensive iPad from falling over. Thanks guys!

  • Judith E Reines - 6th Feb 2017

    Makes I Pad Pro so easy to use

    Very sturdy easy to use stand. So far the best stand , at a reasonable price, that is Made in America, that I have found. Also glad I found Thought out web site

  • greg - 3rd Jan 2017

    Very Happy

    Excellent product - very happy with it. I would recommend it to others. thanks

  • John F - 1st Jul 2016

    Sturdy support and great looking too!

    We use these stands in all of our consult rooms to hold our iPad Pros. They are well built, and look great too. Highly recommend the product!

  • Juno - 30th May 2016


    I have the iPad 2 ... Love this stand' vary sturdy, the height of the stand is perfect, sophisticated. Hightly recommend this product.. Vary happy

  • Randy - 13th May 2016

    Great Product

    Works perfectly for my large size Ipad Pro. Best stand on the market for sure!

  • Dr. W. T. Bolan - 13th May 2016

    Just What I Wanted

    I couldn't be more pleased with the iPad stand that I received from Thought Out. It is very functional, but the part I appreciate the most is the stability. Patients key in numbers to check into my office for care, and it does not even move! I love the rubberized pads that protect the iPad itself and like the design. Very modern. Thanks for having products like these available!

  • Don in Ohio - 27th Apr 2016

    The iPad Pro stand that I longed for ...

    There are a number of iPad and tablet stands out there, but I wanted one that was simple, sturdy and nice to look at on our kitchen table. We recently cancelled home delivery of 3 newspapers and not receive them through their online digital formats. No more newsprint ink on the table and having stacks of papers to recycle. Our Stabile 2.0 is the perfect stand to allow us to comfortably read the screen on our 12.9" iPad Pro. One "improvement" I've made to it was to cover the 4 small rubber feet with identically-sized felt pads. These pads allow us to easily rotate the stand/iPad on the laminate table top to show the screen content to another person sitting at the table. The rubber feet are a bit too grippy to rotate the stand/iPad smoothly (the stand "judders" when it is rotated on the rubber feet). Overall, we love our stand! Thought Out Company Response: Thank you Don in Ohio for your glowing review - we are delighted that you're loving the Stabile 2.0! We love that you've found a solution for your personal needs of sliding the Stabile 2.0 across a surface and for sharing this nugget of information for other consumers who may desire this as well. Part of the Stabile 2.0's design is for stabilization with the non-skid feet, so that the stand will stay put in the location in which the user sets the stand. The non-skid feet design is what most consumers demand of a stand for their device to ensure the stand stays put. Cheers to many years of use of your new stand. Thank you for your purchase! Customer Service Thought Out Company

  • Corey - 30th Mar 2016

    Very Pleased

    I love my stand. I saw it at the desk of the bank manager and really liked the look of it. I was concerned that it might not work with my iPad mini but it does in the horizontal position. I love it. The stand is nice and sturdy and has a very cool minimalist look in one piece silver metal. I am really glad that I bought it.

  • Lonewolf - 25th Feb 2016


    Whether on your desk at work or at home - this is a perfect stand for any size ipad from Mini to Pro. I have three of them and now I need the RED one!

  • Houston fan - 1st Feb 2016


    This stand supports my iPad Air 2, but is sturdy enough to hold my 27" iMac! Very well made and is exactly what I expected (no surprises, and that's a good thing). Adjustments are about what you'd expect from a fixed metal object, but certainly something easy to live with. I recommend this product to anyone who likes less clutter and an organized desk top. Thought Out Company Response: Thank you Houston Fan for your glowing review! For anyone desiring the pivoting feature, please see our flagship Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand. We whole-heartedly agree that our iPad Stands exude a clean, uncluttered, modern cutting edge look to the environment in which they're being used. Customer Service Thought Out Company

  • Nicole - 20th Jan 2016


    This stand is amazing! I love how sturdy it is and how portable it is.

  • TheraP - 25th Nov 2015

    Great service and product!

    Comes beautifully packed in a double box. One is the mailing box. And the product box fits perfectly inside it. Well made. Strong. Attractive. Easily moveable if you choose to move it. But very stabile otherwise. Well thought out. Well made. Do not hesitate to order from this maker! I would buy again.

  • Tai - 12th Nov 2015

    This is an AMAZING Stand

    This stand fits perfectly well in my kitchen, and has that nice slick look. It is very sturdy, and holds up my Fire HD 10.1 tablet very well. I have not problems with it whatsoever, and the money is very well worth it. Great product!


A steel fixed iPad desktop stand, retail, or countertop holder.  This industrial-style iPad Pro holder offers elegant and elevated ergonomic height for professional, home, and commercial environments.  The fixed viewing angle is a great consideration for the desk of a business professional, home table, night stand, restaurants, schools, banks, musicians and anyone looking for a quality lifted iPad stand.  Made for the newest iPad and tablets.  Made in the USA from 2.3 pounds of solid steel, which is better than lightweight aluminum.  The weight, artistic shape and design provide the best, balanced, and sturdy home to support your iPad.


Optional Accessory:

USB 2.0 Cable Extension 6ft

Extends your charge cable

USB Cable Extension 6ft

Not compatible with iPads with USB-C connector


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