iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount - PED4 Planet CH


iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount

The PED4 Planet CH is the first fully pivoting, adjustable and portable iPhone stand & tripod mount. With or without a case or skin you can configure the sliding fingers to fit your iPhone. The solid steel ball and shaft allows you to orientate the holder into any position you desire. The center balanced Planet Base ensures a firm and lifted footing, while using little desk space and providing users a direct view of their iPhone.


Roll, spin, turn, rotate, pitch, yaw....

Whatever you call it, the PED4 Planet CH iPhone stand can be positioned to it. Using the solid 9/16" diameter steel ball and socket technology, you will feel the smooth pivoting freedom to any position you desire. (Friction screw adjustable)

Converts to your tripod

Shoot like a pro with photography, self-portraits and videography!

The PED4 Planet CH iPhone stand includes the ability to be separated from the Planet Base. The holder and pivoting ball shaft can then be mounted to any tripod for steady smooth video and photography shooting. Using the industry standard 1/4"-20 female thread, you simply attach it to any tripod and get instant portrait to landscape use by pivoting with our exclusive >180˚ ball socket trademark design. (Friction screw adjustable)

Case or Bare

Engineered to be used daily

The PED4 Planet CH iPhone stand has user configurable fingers that creates a snap like fit to hold the iPhone. These fingers allow the mount to be used with or without a case efficiently, while securely holding the iPhone as your hand would. Once the holder is configured to your desired fit, there are no special procedures needed, the iPhone Plus installation and removal is instantaneous. All of the controls, ports and camera are fully accessible at all times.


Firm footing, excellence in design

The impressive characteristic design features of the PED4 Planet CH will have you astonished. The 6.0" Planet base is a well suited size to precisely balance the iPhone with the center of gravity, the stand will not tip over. The attention to detailed parts will make you realize why this is the best stand for your iPhone.

The premium quality, adjustability and portability of this iPhone stand will be noticed the moment you place it on your desk and then used every day. While web-surfing, watching video or reading an email you will quickly see that the sleek shape of the Planet Base takes up very little space and can be placed in any corner of your work space or counter top. We guarantee you will use and miss it when you don't have it around.

Proudly made in Connecticut, USA from solid steel, alloy, polymer and heat resistant polymer materials.


  • 3 slide adjusting Alloy Fingers (with soft vinyl covers to protect iPhone)
  • 2 slide adjusting Guides (keeps iPhone straight in holder) 
  • 9/16" solid steel ball for fluid pivoting action (Friction screw adjustable)
    • Roll: ∞ infinite (when device is parallel to support shaft there is an index for the rotation of portrait and landscape)
    • Yaw: ∞ infinite (left to right)
    • Pitch: >180˚ (front to back)
  • 3/16" solid stainless shaft for 5" elevation and stability
  • Large Anti-tip 6.00" Planet Base, 1/4" thick (PL600)
  • Easily separate and use as PED4 CH (1/4"-20 tripod mount)
  • Artistic shape and design
  • Portable
  • Full control, port and camera access
  • 3 stabilization non-skid black feet (Polyurethane 3M) available as spare part
  • Color:  Black
  • Made in the USA


CH61 for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6s Plus / 6 Plus - Pixel XL

Width: From 3.06" to 3.66"
Height: From 6.22" to 6.87"
Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)

CH60 for iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6s / 6 - Pixel

Width: From 2.64" to 3.24"
Height: From 5.44" to 6.09"
Depth: Alloy finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)

CH50 for iPhone SE / 5s / 5c / 5 - iPod 6g /5g 

Width: From 2.15" to 2.75"
Height: From 4.65" to 5.3"
Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension) 

All models work with large cases like OtterBox Defender, Commuter, and many more 

Notes: Any belt clip should be removed to work with holder. PED4 series and PED3 series products are not interchangeable with one another.


  • Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and Wrench or simply use your own 11/16" open ended or adjustable wrench.
Devil Head - Headphone Wrap and WrenchDevil Head in use as wrench


Life in Lofi "The PED4 Planet is a pretty solid accessory, not cheap lightweight plastic. As a stand, it's much more steady than other stands available."

iPhone J.D. "If you want to take a photo or video with your iPhone and want to keep it very steady, this is a great solution."

iLounge Recommended "Thanks to this change, CH50 is now compatible with a wide range of iPhone 5 cases, as well as with bare devices...". 

Tripod, iPhone, case, Devil Head & Ear Buds not included - PED4™ and Planet™ are trademarks of Thought Out Company

Availability: in Stock
Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: P4-CH-PL600
Warranty Information: Consumer 1 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 30 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
USB 6 Foot Extension Cable
Devil Head Wrench & Earbud Wrap


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This stand is well made with a good industrial design. It makes an excellent 'throw in your bag' tripod replacement, alongside being a very functional stand. It's been good enough for me to buy two now - one for work and one for home. I highly recommend it.
Posted by Chris Weeks, 27th Sep 2017

Exactly What You'd Expect

You get what you came for. It's an iPhone stand. It works for desktops and can be attached to tripods as well. It's sturdy and has a full range of motion. I broke my first one (my fault) and immediately bought a second. Didn't consider another stand.
Posted by Xavier, 22nd Feb 2016

Useful, Durable, Almost Perfect

Works fantastic, hands free and feels great to use. The only thing I would change are the tightening screws needing a wrench to tighten or loosen. I think little wing nuts or so something comparable for tightening and loosening would be better than using a wrench.
Posted by Carey, 6th Nov 2015

great product

I recently purchased the iPhone 6 Plus Stand and Tripod Mount and, I got to tell you, it's the best Mount out there. It cradles you phone snugly and secure, I'm using it for Photography and Video moments primarily, and I don't have to worry about my iPhone 6+ Becoming dislodged from the 3 Point cradle system that is the feature of this mount. It's a finely machined piece of equipment made of quality material built to last. It was well "Thought Out ".... It really was! I also purchased the Stand that screws into the Mount and set that on my table to surf or just have my phone handy, and I purchased the other accessories that are available, the USB Cable and Devil Head, all very useful and well made.
Posted by JB, 12th May 2015

Great product

greate product.. it hold your product in various angle with your case on your phone(you dont need to remove your case just to put your phone on it.)it holds your phone well.. A must have product..specially if you love to take picture and video on you device..
Posted by Mark, 9th Apr 2015

My son loved it

I bought a wonderful product as a gift; my son loved it but couldn't use it. I returned it and promptly got all my money back no questions. That's pretty legit.
Posted by Greg Williams, 24th Mar 2015

Overall - Great Product

I just got this tripod mount/stand and overall I'm pleased with it. I actually retrofitted mine with a male/male 1/4" x 20 screw to the old PED3 car base, which is securely attached to a circular bean bag mount. That resides in the center console of my truck. The positives - I like that this unit can be detached and mounted to the supplied stand, mounted to a tripod, or set up as I did. The rod and gimbal arrangement is much more solid the prior tripod brackets which would shift around on the post. The only criticism I have is the bracket itself is constructed out of plastic. I'm old school and prefer metal. I agree with a prior reviewer that set screws should anchor to a nut, not the body of the bracket. The plastic bracket and the set screws are why I give this one four stars rather than an all-out five.
Posted by Ron Devito, 13th Jan 2015

Great Product

Great product! Holds iPhone securely and is easily adjustable. Quality construction. However, the set screws could be anchored into a nut instead of directly into body of bracket.
Posted by Jake, 25th Nov 2014

Wow! This is the iPhone 6 Plus stand you should get! A MUST have product!

Let's be real here. I've tried many a stands and ThoughtOut has made many products that I would call a "Must Have". If you own an iPhone 6 Plus then this is for sure a Must Have. This is a well ThoughtOut product that addresses all your needs. 1) It holds your product well and is infinitely adjustable. Currently I've got a Spigen® [SOFT-FLEX] iPhone 6 Plus Slim Case on my iPhone 6 Plus. I'm still awaiting an Otterbox Defender Case to see how it fits but that should arrive by today I hear. 2) It holds your product at various angles of display to accommodate what your preference is. I used the base that it comes with and also without the base on my dashboard held in place with a bean bag temporarily. The stand detached from the base can be mounted on a tripod which is what I plan to use it for, but I'm in the works of doing a DIY McGyver solution to mount this in my vehicle when I use it for GPS. It does what it's designed and advertised to do Very Well. The fingers that hold the iPhone are replaceable if broken or with longer fingers in case that case you purchased is a bit larger than the standard fingers can accommodate. Hopefully the Otterbox Defender doesn't fall into this category. Only Negative (which is only if you are in the same mindset as me) is that the setup is a bit to rigid and doesn't offer the flexibility I need and want. I would hope that ThoughtOut might consider making the setup a little bit more flexible because the wait it is designed right now you can really move it from site to site as I would like to. I would like the setup to allow it being moved from the desk to the tripod to the vehicle. If they could bring that to their offering this then would be the ONLY HOLDER you should get!
Posted by Sonny, 21st Nov 2014