Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2010 iPhone Mount Install

PED4 Mount CH50 - iPhone Mount

Please see the new PED5 Mount

We are pleased to announce the PED4 Mount CH50 for iPhone is now available for purchase for your Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler iPhone Mount PED4-Mount-CH50

We have been working on our iPhone car mount for our PED4 product and this is the out come to date (8/16/2013).

The yet to be released but very soon PED4 Mount CH50 (Please see the new PED5 Mount) will accommodate the iPhone 5 with a case or skins or even bare. It will also function all previous iPhone as long as you have a case or skin on them.

What makes this mount so special is the design and quality. The standard kit will have a double ended ball with a curved shaft. One ball at the base and another at the phone holder position. This 4" solid steel curved shaft allows many endless ways to mount the holder as well as instantly use the device in portrait, landscape, high, low and endless view positions.

The standard PED4 Mount CH50 (Please see the new PED5 Mount) will come standard with the 3 screw-in lobed base to attached to any metal, wood, plastic surface or etc for the ultimate solid mounting. As an option there will be, as shown in the pictures an APA-300 3" round AdPad base. This new AdPad base is 60% stronger than our previous model and only requires a smooth flat surface for the non residue 3M pad to stick. At anytime this AdPad is removable with some effort, but if installed properly it will last indefinitely.

Also availble is the Bracket 90, a solid 90 degree aluminum mounting bracket for those that need a very custom install. The Bracket 90 is matched exactly to match the contour of the lobed base.

Jeep Wrangler iPhone Mount PED4-Mount-CH50

Jeep Wrangler iPhone Mount PED4-Mount-CH50