3 Tips To Achieve a Peaceful Nights Sleep with the Simplex Tablet Stand

3 Tips To Achieve a Peaceful Nights Sleep with the Simplex Tablet Stand

Posted by Thought Out Company on 31st Jan 2017

With all the distractions and overstimulation of daily living, our need for sound sleep is more important than ever. Improve your sleeping environment by adding the Simplex Tablet Stand, and a simple sleeping app to your bed side table, and you'll be off to a great start with eliminating sheep counting from your routine.

Add Ambient / White Noise

While not a new idea, ambient white noise is an increasingly popular way to help the body and brain relax for a good nights sleep; and keeps your sleeping space protected from those little interruptions that affect the quality of your sleep.

We recommend the Rain Rain Sleep Sounds App. It’s both free and loaded with a plethora of soothing sounds - you’re sure to find one that suits your liking. Once you have the App installed, set your tablet into the Simplex Tablet Stand at bedtime, activate the app and drift off for a peaceful nights sleep.  Here are 3 ways your sleep benefits from ambient white noise:

  • It buffers disturbing sounds and creates a quiet cocoon all night long.
  • Commonly used for meditation, it helps quiet down those buzzing and worrisome thoughts swirling around in our brain.
  • It increases the opportunity to sleep more soundly through the entire night, without being jarred awake from other noise factors (TV on all night, slamming doors in a hotel while traveling, automobiles buzzing by on the street, etc).

Add & Hide That Alarm Clock App

Most of us need an alarm clock to ensure we’re rising up and starting our day on time. We recommend Impala Studios Alarm Clock App and it too, is free!  But don’t be anxious with glancing at the alarm clock wondering “when will I fall asleep” or “how long do I have left to sleep” - this can cause insomnia. Once you have the app installed, set your tablet into the Simplex Tablet Stand, set the alarm for your time to rise and turn the tablet screen off and let that earlier recommended ambient / white noise take over your sleeping environment.

You can also dim the overall light value (blue light) of your tablet while sleeping. Blue light is disturbing light when attempting to fall asleep as it shuts down the production of melatonin, a major sleep hormone we produce during our sleeping time. Sources of blue light are things like iPads, computers, tablets, smart phones, TV, and video games.

Check That Thermostat

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of checking that thermostat. Experts agree that the temperature of where you sleep affects how well you do or don’t sleep. Studies have found that a room between 60 and 66 degrees works best. An overly warm room inhibits our bodies from naturally wanting to sleep.