Filmmaking With The iPad & iPhone

Filmmaking With The iPad & iPhone

Posted by Thought Out USA on 2nd Jun 2017

The iPad & iPhone have changed just how easy and convenient making a video can be to achieve.  The process of capturing, editing, and producing a video has been made quite easy with the marvelous apps and accessories at our finger-tips.

How To Make Videography Easier

Hand Held Hollywood is a phenomenal resource providing indispensable information on this topic.  They explore how your iPad & iPhone can aid in nearly every aspect of film and video production for platforms such as but not limited to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  From filmmaking apps and accessories, to time-saving workflows, this is a destination for those wishing to discuss and discover the latest mobile techniques and technology.  Whether a novice, actor, editor, producer, or someone producing storyboards and visual effects, Hand Held Hollywood is a great resource.

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Photo Courtesy of Hand Held Hollywood