HIIT Workouts Made Easier & Fun

HIIT Workouts Made Easier & Fun

Posted by Thought Out Company on 2nd May 2017

Are you ready for those warm summer days?

Spring has sprung, which means warm summer days of lounging on sandy beaches is right around the corner.  

If you're anything like me, I'm always looking to shed a few pounds and feel healthier, especially during the summer when the clothes we wear shrink to a smidgen of our winter counterparts!  

I've recently taken a liking to HIIT Workouts - I especially like that they can can be tailored to your liking.  Best of all is that they're quick 10-20 minute workouts; making it a doable regimen to incorporate into our busy schedules.

HIIT Workouts For Beginners

Here are some HIIT Workout video's we recommend for beginners

Fitness Blender

Mom’s Into Fitness

Challenge's and Simple Healthy Eats

Live Strong shares ongoing challenge's and simple healthy recipes.

Live Strong

Easy & Fun Workouts

Add the Stabile-PRO Pivoting iPad stand to your workout regimen.  Where-ever you choose to workout, it's never been easier to pull up a video and plop your device into the Stabile-PRO and get going - the warm summer days are coming!