How Do I Make This or That?  Announcing our new Etsy store

How Do I Make This or That? Announcing our new Etsy store

Posted by Thought Out Company on 21st Apr 2017

If you're like many people, you've started an internet search with “How do I make this or that”. That's exactly how Molly started her search for “how to stitch in the ditch”, a method commonly used in hand-crafted quilting to apply a stitch in an area of a quilt where two fabrics meet. Molly used the internet to research her desire to hand-craft her own quilt, knowing that a hand-crafted quilt would result in a superior product. (we like superior products)

Make Your Craft Easier

Using today’s technology (like an iPad or tablet), most of us look up “how to _____” for search results to assist with making something. Make your craft easily accessible and organized by bringing your iPad or iPhone search results right to your work station and place your device into one of our superior stands for a hands free experience. This is just one more advantage of using our products, assisting you with your task at hand, thus making your life easier.

Announcing our New Etsy Store

Thought Out superior products are also hand-crafted in the USA, in fact each one is individually made. This is why we're pleased to announce that we now offer our hand-crafted products on Etsy too!