Product Release - Tablet iPad Stand - Simplex

Product Release - Tablet iPad Stand - Simplex

Posted by Thought Out Company on 14th Jul 2016

Simplex Tablet iPad Stand is released today. An entry level tablet iPad stand with no compromises, great for commercial and industrial environments, including your office, shop, school, hotel, home or kitchen. The Simplex offers a 5 inch wide stance and a well balanced design from USA formed steel. While not raising the tablet as high as our other Elite Series the Simplex does achieve a modest 1.38" elevation to your tablet. Use this stand with all iPads and any tablet 5 inches or wider, and with a case or skin too. Works well with your charge cable in any position with Double Split back cable management, an easy place for your cable.

Please visit the link below for more details and photos.

Available today for $29.99 from