Why You Need an iPad Stand and How to Pick the Best One

Why You Need an iPad Stand and How to Pick the Best One

Modern day remote working, conference calls, videography, artwork sketching, and entertainment has influenced the high usage of iPad mobile devices as they offer large screens, large storage, and portability.

Adding an iPad stand to your set-up transforms the overall experience. With the addition of a keyboard and mouse or trackpad, you now have a miniature iMac, a TV, a game console, and more.

The Benefits of Using an iPad Stand

Randomly propping an iPad up against something is an unstable and disruptive decision as it can slide and fall flat on the surface, causing frustration and possible damage to your iPad.

While many iPad cases double as stands and offer a quick prop-up of the iPad, they’re at the wrong viewing height and angle tend to topple over when tapping the screen.

Using a sturdy iPad stand gives you stability, proper height, adjustability, and cable management, keeps the iPad away from spills and other perils, and keeps your surface looking clean. Having your iPad at eye level offers physical comfort as it helps prevent neck, arm, and back pain.

The iPad on a stand becomes a second screen in conjunction with your laptop or monitor, improving productivity when at the same viewing height. It can also be used as a digital frame on your desk or mantel.

Using an iPad stand in the kitchen helps prevent spills on your iPad. An adjustable stand allows you to tilt the iPad back for easy viewing while standing; this feature also works well if using the iPad as a cash register.

How to Choose the Best iPad Stand

The options for an iPad stand are expansive in today’s marketplace, leaving many buyers perplexed about selecting the best one for their needs.

Here are some key points when shopping for an iPad stand.

1. Adjustability & Height

Decide how and where you’ll be using the iPad. Do you need the stand to rotate, or do you want it in a fixed position. Do you need it at a taller height or a lower profile.

While fixed-position stands tend to be less expensive, the adjustable stand would be advantageous for flexibility and full enjoyment of using the iPad in various ways, from standing to sitting at a desk. Either way, ensure you can view the screen on the stand at eye level.

If using the iPad as a digital frame (or the like), a low profile type stand would suffice.

2. Stability & Durability

You’ll want your iPad in a stand that won’t tip over or wobble when tapping on the screen or break over time.

Select a stand that’s sturdy and solid in the material - Steel stands offer stability and long-term usage, while plastic stands often break and wobble.

3. Appearance

Functionality is a key component to an iPad stand however, aesthetics play a large roll in the overall enjoyment of using an iPad stand in your personal or business space. So, select an stand that appeals to you.

4. Compatibility for Long-Term Use

As quickly as seasons change, so do iPads with upgrades made over the years.

Various stands are available that can accommodate most, if not all, iPad models. This increases the likelihood of compatibility with future upgrades, making it a wise investment for your device.  While some stands only fit an exact iPad model, rendering it useless once you’ve upgraded your iPad.

Selecting a stand that accommodates the majority of iPads is a worthy investment, as you’ll likely have it for a lifetime.

5. Where it’s Made

If the place of origin is important, then look for where the stand is manufactured. For instance, search for “Made in USA iPad Stands” to help make your selection.

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