PED4 Extension Living Finger Kit & Tool


Extension Living Finger Kit (6) & Tool

These PED4 Extensions Fingers are 0.3" longer (0.6" total) and 0.18" deeper for a total depth of 0.78".

The 0.6" total is added to both (min and max) dimensions on the HOLDER COMPATIBILITY width and height dimensions. The dimensions can be found on the webpage of the PED4 product that you are interested in.

This kit may help for those extra large cases and can be used in combination with standard fingers.


  • 6 Kydex Extension Finger with screws (vinyl protected)
  • Wrench 5/64" (torque limiting for initial finger setup)


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Living Fingers that add life

I have been using my iPad Tripod mount for almost two years and recently got a new case for it. Unfortunately, once I did this my iPad would not fit into the Tripod mount. ThoughtOut to the rescue. The PED4 Extension Living Finger Kit & Tool allowed me to change the fingers easily and continue to use the Tripod Mount with confidence. ThoughtOut really lives up to their name.
Posted by Don E. Smith, 21st Nov 2017