PED3 U - Phone Stand


PED3-U - Phone Stand - Universal Stand

Made of Steel - Works with iPhone, Galaxy, iPod, Any Smartphone, or Device

Bare, Case, Skin, or Bumper-ed


 iPhone 5 Stand

The PED3-U universal phone stand holder works with any bare device or a device with a case or skin like the iPhone, Galaxy, iPod, Blackberry, Droid, Palm, Motorola, Smartphones and more. In portrait view or landscape the PED3-U is a fast and simple stand with protected over cupped holding fingers to accommodate any device while keeping it securely in the stand. Like no other stand, the heavy stable platform shape is made from one solid piece of steel in the USA. Keeping your cable where it belongs can be frustrating and this is important, that is why we used our Thought Out exclusive split back cable management design.


  • All USA made solid steel construction: Over ½ lb. Grade A press formed steel (+230 grams)
  • 55° viewing angle
  • Cable management split back™ design, accepts any cable
  • Baked on hard textured coating
  • Vinyl protected 22° over cupped holding fingers, to keep device in the stand
  • 3.72" wide x 3.65" depth x 5.35" height
  • 2.0" minimum distance between holder fingers (50mm)
  • Dome polyurethane bumper feet for non slip footing
  • Any device including iPhone 7, 6s, 6, SE, 5S, 5C, 5 for portrait or landscape viewing: iPhone, iPod touch, Palm, Blackberry, Droid, Motorola, HTC, Smartphones and more (too many to list). (NOT RECOMMENDED for iPhone 7 Plus, 6s Plus or 6 Plus, or any device longer than 5.5" in portrait position, see our other stands and mounts)


Keyboard, case, cable and iPhone not included
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Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: PED3-U


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Superbly Fills My Need for a Smart Phone Stand

Recently bought an iPhone 7 with Apple's combination case/extra battery pack. This makes the iPhone a half-inch thick and considerably heavier. My iPhone 7 fits perfectly into the PED3 U stand ... without being top-heavy. I also like the fact that the stand puts the phone at a comfortable angle and height when viewing it next to my desktop computer.
Posted by Jerry N., 14th Nov 2016

Awesome product!

Very clean, simple product. Looks great on my desk in my office with my phone firmly planted on it. USA made! Does not get any better. Tremendous service from the company as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Posted by Kellen, 13th Sep 2016

A simple and well constructed phone stand

I like this stand because it is simple, but very well constructed and stylish. The only takeaway I have is that when my phone, iPhone 6, is on the stand in the Portrait position, the stand is a bit top heavy. Of course I can put it in the Landscape position. But all in all, a very nice stand and very reasonable in price.
Posted by Eugene, 8th Sep 2016

I like it because it's simple

This cell phone stand is perfect. It's built well, and it's simple. Nothing to put together, no adjustments to be made, just open the box and put it on your desk. Unlike many other cell phone stands this one allows you to charge the phone while it's on the stand. Great product fast shipping.
Posted by Bill, 30th Nov 2015


I bought this for my desk at work. I have a wallet cover on my iPhone 5S and wanted something sturdy enough that would hold my phone, while it's charging, with the cover open. It will hold a larger phone, if I change phones in the future. It's my favorite thing on my desk, it looks great, and I always know where my phone is.
Posted by TYIM, 3rd Oct 2015

Perfect Product

Beautiful and practical design with incredible durability. Sleek yet very stable. I love it. The perfect stand for my iPhone 5S.
Posted by Jay, 1st Aug 2014

Sturdy and stable!

I keep this on my desk where I process photos. The cord to my mouse and keyboard bump into the Ped3-U all the time but the stand doesn't budge. Shipping was fast, too. I love the product!
Posted by Paul D deBerjeois, 22nd Jul 2011