The Best iPad Stands & Holders, How to Select Yours

Selecting the best iPad stand is easy when you start where the original Stabile iPad Stand was created in 2010.


Since then, we’ve developed and produced many production and custom iPad holders and mounts based on consumer feedback and reviews, resulting in three of our best iPad stands, all of which are designed with excellence and 100% made in the USA under one roof.  This allows extraordinary quality control over each product being made by American labor.

Note that we also offer security stands and iPhone stands.

The three featured iPad stands are listed below with their differences, but let’s start with their similarities.


The following similarities are at the core of design for each iPad stand

- USA Made from solid steel

- Easy in and out of stand with iPad

- Works with all cases

- Anti-tip low and user focused center of gravity

- Split Back™ cable management

- Extreme durability with a hard baked powder coat finish

- Multiple finish options, including space gray, silver, black, red, blue, yellow, etc

- Artistic shape

- Open architectural design - the cool factor!

- High quality, commercial grade, industrial durability and performance

- 4 stabilization non-skid feet by 3M

- Protective vinyl cushions providing a protective barrier between the iPad and stand

- Industrial style perfect for retail, desktop, or countertop use for the everyday home user, or the commercial environment


Each stand has differences as a result of their features and various price points, resulting in an option for all iPad users.  The differences range from price points and features such as height, rotation, and fixed angles.


Usage of any of these stands is bound only by one's imagination - consumers have reported using their iPad stands alternatively to display their artwork and books.  All three stands are a quality choice - review the differences and decide which one is the best for you!

For a video interpretation of this post please visit Best iPad Stands - Video

The flagship Stabile Pro is the tallest, heaviest, and most stabile iPad stand.  One of the best features of this iPad stand is the pivoting motion from the stainless steel ball providing any viewing angle desired.  It offers the following features:


- Best ergonomic height (elevated 5.50")

- Sturdy and heavy at 3.16 pounds

- Pivoting viewing angle in portrait or landscape

- 3/16" solid steel body

- Works with all iPads, including iPad mini

The Stabile 2.0 has been the longest produced product in production today.  It offers the following features:


- Better ergonomic height (elevated 3.63")

- Sturdy and heavy at 2.3 pounds

- Fixed viewing angle in portrait or landscape (55°)

- 1/8" solid steel body

- Works with all ipads, except for iPad mini

With the other two like products being larger in size and feature driven, there was an open marketplace for a high quality iPad stand at a lower cost point, in comes the Simplex iPad stand.  It’s a high quality iPad stand at a reasonable price point offering the following features:


- Good elevated height (elevated 1.38")

- Sturdy at 1.25 pounds

- Fixed viewing angle in portrait or landscape (55°)

- 3/32" solid steel body

- Space saving tapered shape

- Works with all iPads, including iPad mini