Grapple S4 Instructions

To use your Grapple S4, take the iPad out of the cradle and push the end of the appropriate strap (as selected from the diagram & strap recommendations) onto the cradle fork. Then place the Grapple S4 hook on the other end. Place your iPad back into the cradle and stretch the Grapple S4 into place to hold your iPad.

Grapple S4 Instruction Diagram



Landscape Viewing:
• Use Short Strap for any size iPad 9.7 thru iPad Pro 11
• Use Long Strap for iPad 12.9


Portrait Viewing:
• Use Long Strap for any size iPad 9.7 thru iPad Pro 11
• Use Extra Long Strap for iPad 12.9


Medium Strap:
• For use with older model iPads. If using an older model, find the configuration you like best with the different size straps.


To keep your iPad safe, Grapple S4 is NOT intended to be used for rotating your iPad to or from portrait and landscape orientations without re-configuring. Grapple S4 MUST ALWAYS BE ON TOP and level to ground. Rotating the holder so that the Grapple S4 is on the side may allow the iPad to fall from the holder and is not the intended purpose of the strap.

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