iPad Pro Stand Stabile PRO Tablet Holder


Commercial Industrial iPad Stand Tablet Holder - Adjustable Pivoting

iPad Pro 12.9 (including new 2018 3g), 11, 10.5, 9.7 -  iPad 9.7 (2018 - 6g) - iPad Air 2/1 - iPad 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g, 1g - iPad mini, Galaxy, Surface & other tablets

Conveniently use and charge with Apple Pencil 2 in any position.  Also, with a sturdy steel stand the Pencil 2 can be magnetically stored on the stand for storage!  This is not possible on light weight aluminum stands.

The king of all tablet and iPad stands, where no others come close!  Search reviews for yourself and find out.  The best elevated-ergonomic height of all of our holders and it pivots with class, using a single steel ball for a true elegant look you can show off. The largest of our premium industrial style, commercial grade stands. While the entry level Simplex is great and the Stabile 2.0 is classy, this holder will set you to the highest level of your demands. While our competitors try to copy us with light weight aluminum, our USA made stands are from solid steel with an artistic shape, and truly the best in stability.  No need to worry about being wobbly, at a heavy 3.16 pounds, it is like a brick anchor!

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USB Cable Extension 6ft

Grapple S4 Strap

Availability: In Stock
Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: STABILE-PRO
Warranty Information: Consumer 2 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Compatibility: iPad PRO 12.9/11/10.5/9.7, iPad 9.7 (2018 - 6g), iPad Air 2/1, iPad 5g/4g/3g/2g/1g, iPad mini, Galaxy, Surface & more
Works with a case: Yes
Weight for stability: 3.16 Pounds
Ergonomic lifted height: 5.50"
Tilt: Yes
Rotate: Not Recommended (Simply pickup & flip)
Base Material: Steel .179"
USB 6 Foot Extension Cable
Grapple S4 Strap (Not Required) *


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Such a great product!

We LOVE our Stabile Pro stand. We had one in silver, and just recently purchased a white one for another spot in the house. It's so useful -- we keep it on our kitchen counter and it keeps our iPad a the perfect angle for daily activities. Then, when my daughter plays games, she can angle it however she needs. And it's ideal for FaceTime with the grandparents. :-) It's a great product!
Posted by Ali S., 13th Dec 2018

iPad PRO Stabile Stand w Pivot Head

I love how sleek but extremely sturdy this stand is. The pivot head is what really sets this apart. I love that I can adjust the pad to avoid light glare without fearing the pad will tumble off the stand. Love it! Wish I's invested sooner.
Posted by Tricia S, 20th Aug 2018

iPad Pro Stand Stabile Pro

Love the Stand ! Takes pressure off your neck while using my iPad and it also fits my smaller kindle so I don’t have to hold it ! Highly recommend!
Posted by Helen Creahan, 23rd Apr 2018

Great iPad Holder

Not inexpensive but a great value. I use it on kitchen granite counter top and in my office. Rubber feet...very stable...stylish. With Grapple S4, can't be knocked out of the stand.
Posted by George, 6th Feb 2018

High-quality iPad holder

This is an excellent product. My wife likes to watch shows/movies/news when cooking or ironing. The "iPad Pro Stand Stabile PRO Tablet" (what a name :)) is perfect. It is very stable with a wide base that weighs more than the iPad. The adjustable holder is quite versatile, and the height seems ideal. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the stand, and the ends of the bracket have rubber caps. This stand is everything it is supposed to be. The cost may seem high, but I believe it is worth paying for the quality.
Posted by Dino Luigi, 6th Jan 2018

Excellent IPad Pro Stand

I am very happy with this stand. It is very substantial, well made, and it is sleek and beautiful. The IPad Pro looks so good on this stand, and it makes work so much more satisfying than working on your lap. This has to be the best product of its type on the market. It is really a work of design art!
Posted by Barry M, 31st Aug 2017

Excellent product

Steered me the correct direction to get the small. Perfect for my quadriplegic son on life support. Able to see it perfectly and secures the tablet. Thank you so much. Nancy
Posted by Nancy Holderman, 29th Aug 2017

iPad Pro Stand

First thought — this is so heavy. After using, glad it's heavy. No wobbling, no tipping. It looks great and is high enough that it's at eye level. Am pleased and Highly recommend. This is a case where you get what you pay for, are happy about that, and plan to use it for a long time.
Posted by Mike S, 14th Aug 2017

Stabile Pro

Got the stand a few days ago -- Quality product. Solid steel; ball joint allows you to angle IPad in any direction. Beautiful design. At first when you see the price, you swallow hard; but once you get the product, you know it is worth every penny. Made in USA. Love It.
Posted by Rudy Fiorillo, 21st Jun 2017