The First iPad Stand - Stabile Revamp

The First iPad Stand - Stabile Revamp

Posted by Thought Out USA on 13th Jun 2023

In 2010 the first iPad stand created in the marketplace was the Stabile “The Original” by Thought Out.

The Stabile name, with the “i”, was derived from the definition of the word: “An artistic sculpture characterized by single simple form, executed from plate steel, having no moving parts”.

It was a hefty flagship design that, to this day, others try to duplicate with its solid structure, extreme weight, and non-tipping stable features.

Many iPad generations later, the iPad became lighter and lower cost. That was the time the Stabile did the same. We introduced the Stabile 2.0 iPad stand with the same form factor for more iPad users to enjoy this great product.

Recently, we started digging around and found a few of the “Original” Stabile iPad stands (in-house, we call them “the 1.0”). We thought it a great idea to REVAMP them by stripping them down, then usher them back to life with a fresh finish, and offer them to you.

Limited quantity, order today before they're gone for good.