PED4-Coil-IPA10 Instructions


Please follow instructions to ensure success

Please see instructions and instructional use video below

Sizing your PED4 IPA10 to your iPad:

Lay your cased or bare iPad face down on a table. Using the supplied 5/64" wrench*, loosen all 6 screws just enough so that the fingers slide. Place the IPA10 holder over the backside of the iPad. Equally slide the 6 fingers until they firmly touch the iPad, then with light finger torque tighten the 6 screws in place. After complete stand assembly, you may want to adjust a slide finger or two (or all) for your desired fit.

Storing and using the coil:

Never bend the coil to a smaller than 10 inch diameter (5" radius). Before adjusting the coil to any position, always begin by extending the coil straight out before making a bend, this will prevent the coil from twisting internally which can cause droop and memory return of the coil.

Inserting and Removal of the Device:

(A) Place your iPad into the bottom slide finger(s) of the holder and push the top of device into place. 

(B) To remove the iPad, simply push up and back on the top slide fingers and remove the device in reverse.

Ball Socket - Friction Screw Adjustment:

The design of the ball socket is intended to be able to move relatively freely with little to some effort, it is NOT possible to LOCK the ball socket using the friction adjustment screw and should not be attempted.


Overtime you may experience the ball socket does not have the holding power it had when it was new.  If this occurs, with the iPhone removed from the PED5 holder, using the supplied 3/32" wrench*, in the center hole, turn the recessed screw clockwise until the desired holding power is achieved.

Care Instructions:

Do not store outside

Not for extended outdoor use

Water resistant, not water proof

Dry it off if it gets wet

Disclaimer and Nature of Product:

The setup and use of the PED4 Coil IPA10 with any automobile or similar setups will have varying results.  While extremely strong for its size, the coil cannot defy the laws of physics and gravity. Installations and uses cannot exceed the ability of the coils strength. Coil should not be used in a manor that allows more than 18 inches of coil from the supported end to the holder end (cantilever from where the device is).

*Potential failure may result by not properly using the supplied torque limiting wrench and/or by over-tightening.  The torque limiting wrench must be used with your fingers only.

The PED4-Coil-IPA10 is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request.


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