PED4 Coil IPA10 - iPad Flexible Stand Pivoting


iPad Flexible Stand

PED4 Coil IPA10

Pivoting & Gooseneck

The long, snake like, flexible, gooseneck coil stand can be manipulated into any shape you imagine to hold your iPad. The PED4 Coil IPA10 is Made in USA from solid and flexible steel. The PED4 Coil IPA10 iPad Air stand can be mounted anywhere and everywhere you can imagine.

PED4 Coil IPA10 Flexible Pivoting iPad Air Stand


Roll, spin, turn, rotate, pitch, yaw...

Whatever you call it, the PED4 Coil IPA10 iPad stand can be positioned to it. Using the solid 5/8" diameter stainless steel ball and socket technology you will feel the smooth pivoting freedom to any position you desire. (Friction screw adjustable)

PED4 Coil IPA10 iPad Air Stand Flexible Pivoting ROLL PITCH YAW

Wrap it up

Any way you want, it will do it

At just under 3 pounds you will immediately see and feel the quality of this very unique flexible iPad stand. The 54" long, 5/8" diameter vinyl wrapped flexible coil is very strong. The strength comes from two steel lengths twisted together into one. On one end is a 5/8" solid stainless steel ball that creates a fluid pivot joint for the iPad to be positioned instantly where you want it. (Friction screw adjustable)



Case or Bare

Engineered to be used daily

The PED4 Coil IPA10 iPad stand has user configurable fingers that creates a snap like fit to hold the iPad. These fingers allow the mount to be used with or without a case efficiently, while securely holding the iPad as your hand would. Once the holder is configured to your desired fit, there are no special procedures needed, the iPad installation and removal is instantaneous. All of the controls, ports and camera are fully accessible at all times.

PED4-Coil IPA10 iPad Air stand configures to your case

  • PED4 Working Series
  • 54" flexible coil to twist to any shape, (limited to a minimum 5" bend radius)
    • 5/8" diameter, black vinyl wrapped
  • 6 slide adjusting Alloy Fingers (with soft vinyl covers to protect the iPad Air)
  • 5/8" steel ball pivoting holder (Friction screw adjustable)
    • Roll: ∞ infinite (when device is parallel to support shaft there is an index for the rotation of portrait and landscape)
    • Yaw: ∞ infinite (left to right)
    • Pitch: >180˚ (front to back)
  • Solid and flexible heavy coil steel construction
  • Solid copolymer holder construction
  • Portable
  • Full control, port and camera access
  • Square credit card reader compatible 
  • PayPal credit card reader compatible (Limited, reader must turned away from holder finger) 
  • Color:  Black
  • Designed for iPad 10.2 (7g), iPad Pro 10.5 - 9.7", iPad Air 2 & iPad Air with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover.
  • Also works iPad 4g, 3g and 2g with available Extension fingers, these will allow more room for a case or skin too.
  • Width: 6.3"~7.2"
  • Height: 9.1"~10.0" 
  • Depth: 0.6"
  • Weight:  2.9 Pounds
  • Length:  54"
  • Made in the USA
  • 54" x 5/8" diameter vinyl wrapped flexible gooseneck coil and steel ball
  • IPA10 Adjustable Holder Assembly
  • 5/64" Wrench (torque limiting for initial finger setup)
  • 3/32" Wrench (for pivot tension)
  • D-Shaped Fixture Plate
  • Click here to download (Coming soon)

Thomas Anderson "...very few stands offer true flexibility like the PED4 Coil IPM10 from Thought Out."

Disclaimer and Nature of Product:
  • The setup and use of the PED4 Coil IPA10 with any automobile or similar setups will have varying results.
  • While extremely strong for its size, the Made in USA coil cannot defy the laws of physics and gravity. Installations and uses cannot exceed the ability of the coils strength. Coil should not be used in a manor that allows more than 18 inches of coil from the supported end to the holder end (cantilever from where the device is). 

Keyboard, case, coat rack, sweater and iPad Air not included

PED4™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company

Availability: IN STOCK
Gift Wrapping: Available
Global Trade Item Number: 798304309669
Manufacturer Part Number: P4-IPA10-COIL
Warranty Information: Consumer 1 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
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This is the fifth product I've bought from Thought Out Co. for my iPhones and iPads. It's easy to set up and use and can be moved into any position I want. The engineering and construction is "top-notch" using steel, so it's well made in the USA, not like the junk you get from overseas. Thought Out Co. is the way to go for this type of product.
Posted by Mark Sippin, 12th Dec 2016

The best solution I could find

My children bought me an IPad holder which was designed specifically with spin cycles in mind. The only problem was that no matter how it was mounted it made most of the handle bars inaccessible. Research led us to this product, and it was the perfect solution! It is also sleek and compact, so it does not occupy extra space. This is a simple, well thought out product. Thanks!
Posted by Life-cycles, 21st Jan 2016

It's perfect for just lying around

This thing is perfect for watching my ipad while lying in bed or lying on the couch. I make a "u" bend and then stuff the "u" part under the couch cution or matress. Then there's enough coil left over to position the ipad anywhere you need. I gave it 4 stars because the cost is a little high.
Posted by Love, 21st Jul 2014