PED4-PLANET-IPM10 Instructions

Sizing your PED4 IPM10 to your iPad mini:

Lay your cased or bare iPad mini face down on a table. Using the supplied 5/64" wrench (torque limiting) loosen all 6 screws just enough so that the fingers slide. Place the IPM10 holder over the backside of the iPad mini. Equally slide the 6 fingers until they firmly touch the iPad mini, then with light finger torque tighten the 6 screws in place. After complete stand assembly, you may want to adjust a slide finger or two (or all) for your desired fit.

Attaching the Ball Shaft to the Planet Base:

After hand tightening the ball shaft, use any 11/16" open end or adjustable wrench and turn 1/64" MAX. Caution: Do not over tighten. To disassemble do the reverse procedure.


Tripod Mounting: (Not Shown) Disassemble the ball shaft from the Planet Base, then attach the ball shaft to your tripod using the same procedure as the mounting to the Planet Base.

Inserting and Removal of the Device:

(A) Place your device into the bottom slide finger(s) of the holder and push the top of device into place. 

(B) To remove the device, simply push up and back on the top slide fingers and remove the device in reverse.

Ball Socket - Future Procedure:

Overtime you may experience the ball socket does not have the holding power it had when it was new. Using the supplied 3/32" wrench*, turn the recessed screw counter clockwise one half turn. Then slowly turn the wrench clockwise until you feel the screw contact the steel ball. Once contact is made, approximately another 1/4 turn is all that is needed.

Care Instructions for PED4 Planet Base (scratch free and clean):

Use a very soft cloth moistened with water when cleaning (like microfiber cloth for glasses or monitors) and wipe gently.  NEVER use any solvents, harsh chemicals or scouring compounds.

Care Instructions:

Do not store outside

Not for extended outdoor use

Water resistant, not water proof

Dry it off if it gets wet

*Potential failure may result by not properly using the supplied torque limiting wrench and/or by over-tightening.  The torque limiting wrench must be used with your fingers only.

The PED4-Planet-IPM10 is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request.


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