Pivot Nut Service for Stabile PRO & Stabile Coil PRO


Upgrade your out of warranty Stabile PRO iPad stand or Stabile Coil PRO flexible iPad stand to our latest, improved, solid Delrin pivot nut design. 

We repair your early model pivot nut with our exclusive industrial process that includes a new improved solid Delrin pivot nut, stainless steel ball, and threaded connector.

(This repair sevice will not repair a twisted or broken ball shaft/stem that has been forcefully broken off)

The process:

1. Add this service to your cart and checkout.

2. We will email you (in one business day) the return packaging instructions and the address for you to send the product to us for repair. (Customer is responsible to pay shipping to us)

3. Once received we will do a complete repair service within 2-7 days to the pivot nut area with our current industrial process. (This cannot be done at home)

4. We will return the product to you with your selected shipping service during this checkout.

Availability: Pivot Nut Service - 2 to 7 days after we receive it. If ordered with other items, all items within the order will ship together upon completion of service/repair completion.
Release Date: Returned and shipped 2-7 days after received and repaired. If ordered with other items, all items within the order will ship together upon completion of service/repair completion.


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Excellent product and great service
Posted by Nut reMridula Prasad, 5th Feb 2018

good fix

My stand had finally fallen apart after a lot of use. Luckily customer support told me about this fix. Only negative was the $16 shipping I paid Thoughout plus the shipping to get it to them. The original pivot had a design flaw so a better deal on shipping would have been nice. Happy to have the stand back and functional. Thought Out Company Response: Thank you for your review. With regards to the cost of shipping, there are two factors with shipping calculations, the heavy weight of the product itself, plus the geographical location of the consumers shipping address. For instance if "x" consumer has a shipping address in Oregon, this customer will have a slightly higher shipping price, as the product is being shipped from our facility in Connecticut USA (opposite sides of the USA). So, it will depend on the consumers shipping address - the rate will reduce the closer the consumers shipping address is to the State of CT (USA). Customer Service Thought Out Company
Posted by George, 27th Sep 2016

Great customer service

Easy to get my stand repaired, fast friendly service !
Posted by Jen O, 29th Jan 2015