iPad Flexible Stand Stabile Coil PRO



INCLUDES Grapple S4 Strap!

The flexible iPad stand is a long, snake like, gooseneck coil stand that can be manipulated into any shape you imagine to hold your iPad and other similar size tablets. The Stabile Coil PRO is Made in the USA from solid and flexible steel. Like its little brother PED5 COIL H for iPhone, the flexible iPad stand can be mounted anywhere and everywhere you can imagine.

Case, skin, or no cover at all

We have you covered

Using the flexible iPad stand with or without a case or skin on your iPad or other similar sized tablets you will instantly see how useable the Stabile Coil PRO is, and we guaranty you will use it every day. As with all Stabile Elite Series products, the holder is fully pivotable while being the fastest and easiest to use. We believe the ease of use is what continuously makes you use a product, otherwise it is not used and not a wise purchase for you. For those that want to strap the iPad into the holder for added security, or the ability to have the iPad angled down, the Grapple S4 strap is included.

Heavy Duty

Built to stay put

At just over 3 pounds you will immediately see and feel the quality of this very unique flexible iPad stand. The 54" long, 5/8" diameter vinyl wrapped flexible coil is very strong. The strength comes from two steel lengths twisted together into one. On one end is a solid 3/4" solid steel ball that creates a fluid pivot joint for the iPad to be positioned instantly where you want it.

  • Stabile Elite Series
  • 3/4" steel ball pivoting holder
    • User adjustable thread for a fluid, loose or tight motion
    • 80º motion left to right, forward and back
  • 54" flexible coil to twist to any shape, (limited to a minimum 5" bend radius)
    • 5/8" diameter, black vinyl wrapped
  • Solid and flexible steel construction, 3.125 Pounds
  • Finish Black - Low texture on the holder
  • 4 holding pad locations (Vinyl)* available as spare part
  • Designed for iPad 10.2 (7g), iPad Pro 12.9 (including new 2018 3g)-11-10.5, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, Air, 4g, 3g, iPad 2, 1g  with or without a case, skin, bumper or protective cover.
  • Also works with but not limited to Samsung, Surface, and other tablets 6" and wider on the smallest side, and more

Grapple S4

  • Grapple S4 (included)
    • Fully straps an iPad Air & iPad (full size) into the stand/holder thus allowing inverted/upside-down placement of the iPad within the stand/holder.
    • Three low profile straps for various combinations of portrait/landscape with or with case on any iPad Air or iPad (full size).

As seen on DIY Network I WANT THAT - Episode DIWT-309H - BOTTOMS UP

AppAbled  "I love the way it can literally be adapted to any environment"


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Disclaimer and Nature of Product:
The setup and use of the Stabile Coil PRO with any automobile or similar setups will have varying results.
While extremely strong for its size, the Made in the USA coil cannot defy the laws of physics and gravity. Installations and uses cannot exceed the ability of the coils strength. Coil should not be used in a manor that allows more than 18 inches of coil from the supported end to the holder end (cantilever from where the device is).
* Available as spare part

Keyboard, case and iPad not included
Stabile Coil PRO™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company 

Availability: Usually ship within 24 hours
Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: STABILE-COIL-PRO-B
Warranty Information: Consumer 2 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect


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Innovative Product Design

I bought this for my new iPad Air 2 and really like it. The Grapples work great, are easy to use and hold very securely. I use this stand every day, because I use my iPad every day. All of Thought Out Company's products seem to be engineered to a high level of precision which makes them look good and not wear out or break, especially with daily use. I previously bought Thought Out Co. stands for my iPad Mini and my iPhone and they still work just as good as the first day of use. I prefer high-quality products like this, that are made in the USA and not the cheap junk you get from overseas.
Posted by Mark Sippin, 21st Mar 2016

Clever Design

A very well-made product that is a cool, clever design. Solid and heavy enough to be very stable. The grapples work easy to hold iPad or remove it from the stand. Can tilt your screen to any angle or rotation. I did check out the YouTube setup video which was helpful. We use the Stabile Coil Pro primarily to watch cable TV or videos from the iPad in our kitchen.
Posted by Dave S. from CT, 21st May 2014

iPad Can Be Kept at Perfect Level Now!

I developed a painful process with my neck muscles in the past year complicated by TMJ. I found that when I have to look down at my iPad (or books, work materials, etc.) for any length of time, I get painful muscle spasms and stiff neck/jaw muscles. After much research into different stands for my iPad I found the perfect one in the Stabile Coil Pro! I can adjust it to many different levels and angles to bring the device to eye level that virtually eliminates strain on my neck. This stand is heavy duty steel, is easy to position and the rubber "feet" hold my device securely. You can certainly buy a grapple accessory if you feel that you need it. I highly recommend this product!
Posted by Barb from Ohio, 25th Feb 2014

Just what I had been looking for

This is the stand I'd been looking for to use while I design jewelry. I can bring it up to eye level while sitting at bench and also angle it close enough to me while also out of the way of my light. I can also use it in bed to watch a movie or do emailing. Since I have the lifeproof case on my ipad, this stand holds it perfectly. Most stands are made to use without a case which is not practical for me. I'm thinking of getting the grapple but for now, it does hold ipad secure enough. Thank you for designing this simple yet high quality stand.
Posted by jeu, 21st Sep 2012