Product Release - Stabile Coil PRO Flexible Pivoting iPad Stand

Product Release - Stabile Coil PRO Flexible Pivoting iPad Stand

2nd Nov 2011


Thought Out Company Announces - Stabile Coil PRO a Flexible Pivoting iPad Stand

Connecticut November 3, 2011

Flexible Coil Based Pivoting iPad Stand

Made in USA Certified® from Solid and Flexible Steel

The long, snake like, flexible coil can be manipulated into any shape you imagine. At just over 3 pounds you will immediately see and feel the quality of this very unique flexible iPad holder. Like its little brother NAJA King for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Flexible iPad Stand Stabile Coil PRO can be mounted anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. 

A video on the product that shows a few of the many uses of this product.


  • 3/4" steel ball pivoting holder
    • User adjustable thread for a fluid, loose or tight motion
    • 80º motion left to right, forward and back
  • 54" flexible coil to twist to any shape, (limited to a minimum 5" bend radius)
    • 5/8" diameter, black vinyl wrapped
  • Solid and flexible steel construction, 3.125 Pounds
  • Finish Black - Low texture on the holder
  • 4 holding pad locations (Vinyl)*
  • iPad 2, iPad Original and more

Available for order today for $99.99