Stabile Coil PRO Instructions




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Please see instructions below and instructional use video

To tighten the tension of the ball pivot, hold the black pivot nut and turn the cradle clockwise (viewed from the front) until the desired tension is achieved.  To loosen the tension, hold the black pivot nut and turn the cradle counter clockwise.

In any horizontal position, the coil must be supported within a maximum of 18 inches from the cradle.

Shape the coil into any desired shape not less than a 5" radius.

We recommend while using your iPad (or other tablet) to keep the cradle resting pads as horizontally level as possible.

For best performance, life expectancy and to limit positional drift memory, don't twist the coil into positions.  Straighten the coil in the area you want to reshape to a relaxed position, then shape to a new position.

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