How to Identify the iPad Stand for You

How to Identify the iPad Stand for You

Posted by Thought Out USA on 19th May 2021

We offer three professional iPad stands, all of which are high-quality commercial-grade products for your daily use. Each having unique characteristics as shared throughout this post.

Our products are proudly designed with excellence and are 100% made in the USA under one roof, an uncommon feat in today’s industry. This allows extraordinary quality control over each product being made by highly regarded American labor.

All three products are made from solid steel providing a stable home for your iPad, whereas competitors offering lightweight aluminum stands result in an unsecured wobbly home for your iPad.

Whether you’re an at-home user, a business professional, or a commercial user; one of the following iPad holders is sure to suit your needs.


The Stabile-Pro is the market leader of all iPad stands and quickly became the coveted pivoting iPad stand. It offers the best and tallest elevated-ergonomic height out of all of our iPad stands coming in at 5.5” from table surface to bottom of iPad, and weighing 3.16 pounds with a full pivoting viewing angle of 10° thru 100°. It factors as the most stable of our iPad stands and is compatible with all iPads with or without a case.

While not all-inclusive, the following users would be well suited for the Stabile-Pro . . . Zoom Chat, The Kitchen Home Cook, Movie Watchers, School Libraries, Gamers, Crafting Enthusiasts, Web Researchers, Editors and anyone looking for a pivoting iPad stand that’s truly beyond comparison in the marketplace. You will be amazed at this choice!

Stabile 2.0

The Stabile 2.0 is our flagship iPad stand having been in existence since 2010. It’s a fixed iPad stand with elevated-ergonomic height at 3.625” from table surface to bottom of iPad, weighing 2.3 pounds with a fixed viewing angle of 55°. It’s compatible with all iPads (with or without a case) with exception of the iPad mini.

This stand is a great consideration for The Desk of a Business Professional or The Home Desk, Restaurants, Medical Offices, School Libraries, Bank Tellers and anyone looking for a fixed iPad stand with elevated height. Your iPad will be happy sitting on this stand!


The Simplex is a highly regarded iPad stand due to its high-quality steel structure at a low price point. It offers an elevated height of 1.375” and is made from solid steel. Like the Stabile 2.0, it too is a fixed iPad stand, weighing 1.3 pounds, and is compatible with all iPads (with or without a case).

The Simplex is an excellent iPad holder for a school-age child and anyone looking for an exceptional iPad holder at a low price point. You will be shocked by its quality for the money!

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