PED5 by Thought Out

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  • iPhone Stand Holder, Full Rotation and Solid Steel

    PED5 by Thought Out

    iPhone Stand Holder - PED5-GRAND-H

    The solid steel iPhone stand is very stabile and great for any desk, counter, or kitchen. The best stand for FaceTime or watching a video. Twice as heavy as any aluminum stand that does not tip over...

  • iPhone Tripod Mount

    PED5 by Thought Out

    iPhone Tripod Mount - PED5-H

    Professional photographer iPhone Tripod Mount Adaptor. Instantly Rotate - Swivel or flip from landscape to portrait during your photo session. Adapts to your tripod or our...

  • Flexible iPhone Holder Stand PED5-COIL-H

    PED5 by Thought Out

    iPhone Flexible Holder Stand - PED5-COIL-H

    Unique & flexible gooseneck iPhone holder mount.  The 36" gooseneck coil can be manipulated into just about any shape you can imagine. Configure the fingers to fit your iPhone. Finger...

  • iPhone Car Mount

    PED5 by Thought Out

    iPhone Car Mount - PED5 MOUNT

    iPhone Mount for your car, kitchen, boat, desk, wall, and more.  Works with all iPhones, including the newest iPhone 14 models.  Made in the USA. Here is an instructional...

  • iPhone Extended Tripod Mount for Flat Lay Photography and Videography

    PED5 by Thought Out

    iPhone Extended Tripod Mount - PED5-H-X12

    PED5-H-X12 Extended Tripod Mount for Flat Lay photography and videography.  Designed with an exclusive rotating steel ball and tilting neck feature, allowing you to instantly rotate, swivel or...