iPhone Stand - PED4 GRAND CH


This iPhone stand is made with a heavy steel base and a solid stainless steel ball for endless positioning of your iPhone. Thanks to the holder design, this GRAND iPhone stand will accept your iPhone with or without the case you have covering it.

Proudly made in Connecticut, USA from solid steel, stainless steel, alloy, polymer and heat resistant polymer materials.

  • 3 slide adjusting Alloy Fingers (with soft vinyl covers to protect iPhone)
  • 2 slide adjusting Guides (keeps iPhone straight in holder) 
  • 9/16" solid stainless steel ball for pivoting action (Friction screw adjustable)
  • Base - Over 0.63 lb. Grade A press formed steel
  • Color: Black, textured
  • Dome polyurethane bumper feet for non slip footing


CH61 for iPhone 7 Plus / 6s Plus / 6 Plus - Pixel XL

Width: From 3.06" to 3.66"
Height: From 6.22" to 6.87"
Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)

CH60 for iPhone 7 / 6s / 6 - Pixel

Width: From 2.64" to 3.24"
Height: From 5.44" to 6.09"
Depth: Alloy finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension)

CH50 for iPhone SE / 5s / 5c / 5 - iPod 6g /5g 

Width: From 2.15" to 2.75"
Height: From 4.65" to 5.3"
Depth: Slide finger is .6" tall (The depth of your case can be deeper than this dimension) 

All models work with large cases like OtterBox Defender, Commuter, and many more 

Notes: Any belt clip should be removed to work with holder. PED4 series and PED3 series products are not interchangeable with one another.
  • Steel Base GRAND
  • CH Adjustable Holder Assembly
  • 5/64" Wrench (torque limiting)
  • 3/32" Wrench (for pivot tension-not shown)
Keyboard, case, cable and iPhone not included
PED4™ is a trademark of Thought Out Company
Availability: In Stock
Gift Wrapping: Available
Manufacturer Part Number: P4-CH-GRAND-B
Warranty Information: Consumer 1 Year Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
Commercial 90 Day Limited Warranty - Manufacturing Defect
USB 6 Foot Extension Cable
Devil Head Wrench & Earbud Wrap


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Best Ever! All I ever needed!

This product is worth every penny that I pad for it. I wish that it were collapsable so that I could take it with me. I have it permanently on my desk for when I do facetime meetings with staff in other states. Perfect for the job. Makes you feel almost like you are sitting in the same room. You can set the correct angle and height and it holds.
Posted by Fena D'Ottavio, 15th Feb 2017


VERY Nice!! Well Made!! A must for any desk, especially if you are using FaceTime, etc.
Posted by Steven W, 10th Jan 2017

robust and flexible

We have bought a variety of units from you and the all work very well! We tour them around the word and they are robust and provide the flexibility that the team need.
Posted by Kathleen F, 16th Dec 2016

Perfect studio accessory!

I bought this with STABILE PRO - IPAD PRO stand, and I could not be happier. Great materials, design, and price - even with the import duties, this product is well worth it.
Posted by Shawn C., 6th Nov 2016

iPhone stand

Excellent product. I have the same for my iPad pro. Everyone remarks on how good it looks. Very sturdy. This one is a gift for someone else. I expect they will like it also.
Posted by S.Zander, 2nd Jun 2016

Great product

Allows for easy use of the phone. Know where the phone is at all times. As others have stated you will not be disappointed with this product.
Posted by Frigate, 14th Mar 2016

Stop looking and just buy it

You won't be disappointed. Well built, plus made in the USA as a bonus. Has weight to it and feels sturdy. Moves to all angles plus portrait and landscape with ease. If you have a thunderbolt monitor, it's almost as if someone built a stand for your iPhone exactly like the one apple built for it's monitor. It's just that good.
Posted by Bobby, 9th Mar 2016

Great product!

I was looking for a stand that I could easily put a charging cable to. When I did a bit of searching I found this one and it doesn't disappoint. This is actually my second one, I keep one at the office and one at my place of residence. It is heavy duty, has some weight to it,, and comes with tools to tighten it (though it rarely needs it). I rarely write reviews on products, but this is legitimately one of the best products that I've bought for my phone. I use it everyday at work and at home. The stand is great for when my hands are full, or setting it up next to my bed when I sleep. If your on the fence about buying it, just do it, highly recommend. Quality product.
Posted by Kevin, 7th Mar 2016

There is no other stand that is better then this one

I have bad hands and arms and holding items makes them become very painful. This stand allows me to watch videos on Periscope or YouTube or anywhere else while sitting back. It adjusts to any angle you like and you can turn the phone vertical or horizontal. Believe me, there is no other stand that is better then this one. I know because I tried them all. As soon as I can afford it I would like to buy another one. It is that good. Bill
Posted by William F., 18th Jan 2016