PED5-COIL-H Instructions


A one-time adjustment of the sliding finger grips is all that is needed to size the holder to a bare or cased device.  After proper adjustment, you'll be able to quickly and easily place the device in and out of the holder from the natural flexibility of the holder body.  Using the 5/64" wrench*, loosen the four screws by turning counter-clockwise so that they slide in and out.  Place and center the device into the holder and slide the fingers toward the device to a snug fit so that the device is secure and will not fall out when turned upside down (a properly fitted holder will hold a device even when held upside down).  Using the 5/64" wrench*, lightly tighten the four screws by turning clockwise.  Minor adjustments may be needed to achieve a snug fit.


BALL SOCKET - Friction Screw Adjustment:

The design of the ball socket is intended to be able to move relatively freely with little to some effort, it is NOT possible to LOCK the ball socket using the friction adjustment screw and should not be attempted.


Overtime you may experience the ball socket does not have the holding power it had when it was new.  If this occurs, with the iPhone removed from the PED5 holder, using the supplied 3/32" wrench*, in the center hole, turn the recessed screw clockwise until the desired holding power is achieved.


USING THE COIL -  Please follow to ensure success:

In any horizontal position, the coil must be supported within a maximum of 10" from the support surface (you may find the maximum length to be 12” if using an iPhone smaller than the Pro Max).


Shape the coil into any desired shape not less than a 3" radius to prevent kinking the coil.


For best performance, life expectancy and to limit positional drift memory, don't twist the coil into positions.  Straighten the coil in the area you want to reshape to a relaxed position, then shape to a new position.



Do not store outside

Not for extended outdoor use

Water resistant, not water proof

Dry it off if it gets wet

*Potential failure may result by not properly using the supplied torque limiting wrench and/or by over-tightening.  The torque limiting wrench must be used with your fingers only.

The PED5-COIL-H is custom built by Thought Out Company - we can custom build virtually anything at your request.


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